Bring The Outdoors In

When building or renovating your home, a great way to open up your kitchen is to ensure there are windows strategically placed near or in the kitchen. An open-concept design with high or vaulted ceilings can allow light to travel better through your space, maximizing natural light! Windows also help with air flow and naturally lighten up a space, reducing harsh light throughout the day. If windows cannot be added to your current walls, skylights are an effective illuminator that can flood your kitchen with natural light. 

| Designer Tip: If you have windows adjacent to your kitchen, try strategically adding mirrors to reflect light back into your space or install an interior transom between rooms.

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Create Multiple Light Sources

Besides the use of natural light, purposefully place a mixture of light sources throughout your kitchen. Consider bright recessed can lighting in the ceiling mixed with pendant lighting that can bring warmth or design details to your space. Clear glass or open cage fixtures allow maximum light spread throughout a room. Cabinet lighting located under and over cabinets helps light travel further along your walls, providing a well-lit space for cooking, cleaning, and entertaining. Vent hoods add lighting over your stove and can be a luxurious design detail.

| Designer tip: Ensure any lighting installed is on a dimmer so you can control the mood and tone all day long!

And, it’s important to have the right light bulb tone! Check out our December blog, 3 Quick Tips to Make Your Interiors Warmer.

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Declutter Your Space

Your kitchen will look and feel brighter if it is clean and minimalistic. Rearrange your kitchen to keep only essentials on countertops and store everything else in your pantry or in drawers. For pantry organization tips, see our recent post on LinkedIn! Countertops occupy a lot of area in your kitchen which is why design and tone are valuable to consider. If using stone or quartz countertops, choose one with more open movement and consider running the same surface up the walls vs. using a contrasting backsplash. When adding design details, keep your decor simple and intentional. A candle, florals, or a sweets jar are elements you can update seasonally and can be enjoyed by the whole family. 

| Designer tip: Group multiple items on a tray together so that all your decor looks like it is a singular unit.

Utilize Airy Design Details

Choose open and airy design details to keep the kitchen feeling visually lightweight. Examples include, using white paint on walls and/or cabinetry, large natural branches in a tall vase, selecting see-through/cage-style light fixtures, and alternating solid cabinet fronts with glass inserts and open shelving.

| Designer Tip: Use large scale artwork on your walls, even in those small spaces!

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