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NAI’s Most Frequently Asked Questions About Interior Design

By |August 22, 2023|

Nicole Arnold Interiors specializes in a wide range of design styles to bring your dream space to life—always tailored to your preferences, regardless of style. Our designers are skilled in aligning with our clients’ needs and never rely on a pre-prescribed “look” or clichés of what a particular style should be.

Nicole’s Neutrals Summer Edition: Design Do’s & Don’ts

By |July 18, 2023|

This summer we’ve had record-breaking heat, making it the perfect time to stay indoors and revamp your interiors! In this issue of Nicole’s Neutrals, we dive into the best color tones for your summer-inspired interior and detail the do’s and don’ts of utilizing design elements in your home, including accessories, light fixtures, seating, and more!

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