Nicole Arnold Interiors Team

Nicole Arnold | Award-Winning Interior Designer in Dallas

Nicole Arnold

President, Principal Designer

Nicole Arnold, one of the nation’s most uniquely qualified and multi-skilled interior designers, provides a full range of extraordinary design services to luxury residential and prominent commercial clients throughout the metropolitan Dallas area.

As president of an award winning interior design firm, she’s earned widespread acclaim for her ability to “make space meaningful” for the customized, personalized residential interiors and the commercial facilities she designs in prestigious Dallas communities.

Lara Siewert | Interior Designer

Lara Siewert

Interior Designer

Lara has been working in the design industry since 2011, and loves designing warm, inviting, beautiful spaces for clients. She prides herself on her attention to detail and her client-centered approach to projects. By listening attentively and thinking creatively, she brings the collective vision to life. In addition to her love of design, she also enjoys spending time with her family, the beach, traveling, pilates, Mexican food and the color pink!

Lara is an SMU graduate, holding a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. She raised her family in Jacksonville, Florida and has recently relocated back to the Dallas area.

Rachel Johnston | Interior Designer

Rachel Johnston

Interior Designer

Rachel’s eye for style and love for all types of design made it only natural for her to choose a career in interior design. Rachel grew up in Dallas, and graduated from Oklahoma State University with a degree in Design, Housing and Merchandising. She works with each client to understand their lifestyle and listens to their needs, in order to curate a design that is ideal for them. She has worked on many projects with various styles and aesthetics throughout her career. Rachel is able to visualize the end goal of a project and enjoys developing the necessary steps in order to make her clients’ dreams a reality. She finds design inspiration everywhere, from fashion to nature to architecture. Rachel loves to travel and explore new places, watch football, especially the Dallas Cowboys, and spend time with family in her free time.

Lydia Friedrichs | Jr Designer

Lydia Friedrichs

junior Designer

Born in San Antonio, TX, Lydia enjoys creating spaces that are aesthetically pleasing and unique to the client. Lydia graduated from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication and began her career with Holland and Sherry in Dallas. Her end goal in any project is to bring the clients vision to life, achieved by listening to the clients wants and needs. She believes that getting to know the client’s personality and style is an important approach to a design project. She has always been creative and loves to scheme and dream. Lydia finds enjoyment in exploring coffee shops, spending time with her twin sister and has a goal to run a marathon.

Bailey Baker | Marketing Coordinator

Bailey Baker

Marketing Coordinator

Bailey is a graduate of The University of North Texas, holding a Bachelor’s degree in Converged Broadcast Media with a minor in Entrepreneurship. She also has a certification in Media Management. Her marketing experience includes social media management, graphic design, and client care. Bailey’s industry background encompasses real estate, retail, photography, and non-profit.

In her free time, Bailey enjoys traveling, cooking, crochet projects, and spending time with her family.