We know how to dress ourselves when winter comes, but how do we outfit our homes? With just a few simple tips, you can make your home feel warmer without a full redesign or renovation (but we can help you there too).

Luxurious Lighting

When we put together a residential interior design, we incorporate multiple sources of lighting such as overhead, ambient, and art-focused so that your home can shift with the seasons. For the sunnier months you may prefer bright lighting and on darker days, cozy lighting. To make your home feel warmer, incorporate more ambient lighting with lamps around your home and highlight decor with smaller lights above or behind your art. Candles – real or electric – are a great accessory as well. To achieve that warm feeling, the color temperature of your lightbulb is key! On the Kelvin scale, think candlelight, rather than bright white. Here are our lightbulb recommendations (these can be found on any lightbulb box):

Here are our lightbulb recommendations:

  • 2700K has a warm, golden hue – best used for evening light and accent lighting
  • 3000-3500K is a clean, yet warm light that we use almost exclusively – best used for task lighting and recessed can lighting

The higher the Kelvin number, such as 5000K, the more sterile and cold the light will feel. You may see this in hospitals, but we never recommend this for residential use.

Toasty Tones

Utilize warm neutral colors around your space, especially those with red undertones. Here are our picks: tans, warm grays, taupes, caramels, camels, olives, ivories, and lastly – deep espresso. The right combinations of these colors can help achieve the toastiness you’re going for. To keep the place from feeling too monochromatic, contrast your neutrals with jewel tones. Start incorporating these colors into accent pillows, blankets, holiday decor, vases, glassware, and wall art. These pops of personality will surely liven up your room! Additionally, these tones are great year-round and can be integrated into wall paint, floor coverings, window coverings, and furniture.


Tons of Textures

Nubby and braided textures are all the rage right now – and why wouldn’t they be? Texture adds a special element to your living and working spaces, no matter your home’s design style. We love textures that have an organic look and feel. Here are some of our favorites this winter: sisals, pom poms, fringe, bouclé, tweeds, herringbones, and knit patterns! Find these textures in fabrics, rugs, wall treatments, and drapery. Be sure to select accessories in clean rigid finishes to contrast the textures, yet coordinate with those toasty tones.

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