Howdy, new Texas transplants! We recently came across an article that caught our attention about Samsung Electronics building a new $17 billion semiconductor manufacturing facility in Taylor, Texas. It’s exciting to hear that this project is expected to create around 2,000 permanent jobs in the next ten years, as well as other job opportunities in the area.

This development is part of a larger trend of companies moving to the Austin area and Texas as a whole, which means more families are choosing to make our state their new home. We know that relocating can be quite an emotional journey, with families leaving behind familiar places to start fresh in a new city. It’s all about adapting to new surroundings and creating a new sense of home.

At NAI, we specialize in helping families feel at ease in their new homes by offering a seamless and transformative design experience tailored for those moving from out of state. As a leading luxury residential interior designer based in Texas, we leverage our expertise in remote interior design to ensure a stress-free transition and create a home that feels perfect from day one.

In addition to interior design, we provide comprehensive support beyond the design process. This includes:

  • Relocation Support: We offer assistance to help you navigate temporary living arrangements while your Texas home is under construction, ensuring comfort throughout the transition period.
  • Local Oversight: Whether it’s new constructions or renovations, you can rely on us to oversee projects and ensure flawless execution as your trusted “boots on the ground.”
  • Trusted Resources: Our extensive network of trusted tradespeople guarantees quality results, providing peace of mind throughout the project’s duration.

If you have a move on the horizon, why not team up with us to make your relocation a smooth and stylish experience? Our remote consultations and virtual design process make it easy for us to work together to create your perfect Texas dream home, no matter where you’re located at any point throughout the project.

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