1. Appliance personalization is catching on.

This was one of the most pleasant surprises for me this year. Refrigerator panels in cool leather and shagreen textures and colors can makeover any plain panel. Then, look inside and your favorite color can greet you as you open those designer doors! Backlit cooktop handles, wide strapping on oven racks and your choice of configuration on that range top makes your appliances uniquely yours!

  1. Functionality is everything these days and sprayers are staying right up with the needs!

Check out these amazing kitchen faucets with special settings for power-spray dish rinsing, gentle handwashing and directional rinsing- all with built-in splash guard technology. Their shower heads that are now defying the water flow limitations and using innovative force to gain more pressure. Dual heads with removable spray wands keep things streamlined in the shower and now there’s even a lavatory faucet that has a spray extension. We’ll definitely be blogging more about these later this month!

  1. Accent lighting lit up several booths as it was featured in just about every way, shape or form I could imagine!

Mirrors, vanities, showerhead and shelving- there are so many options to light what you need from front, bottom, top and sides. This utility space does a great job highlighting the way every spot can be lit.

  1. Diamond Cut Handles are growing in popularity.

These showed up in several faucet applications and cabinetry hardware. I know we’ll be seeing this trend pick up steam. It’s a bit of a masculine detail to me, however I really like it!

  1. Organic wood grain looks are still prevalent.

Whether synthetic or natural, the natural look of wood is always a winner and showing up in all sorts of ways. Every space needs a little bit of this look, right?

  1. Artistic details were showing up everywhere.

Including customizable faucet handles and sexy new styles from Rohl, they incorporate unique shapes and applications – like leather, stone and colored glass. Cabinet hardware embraces texture and geometry, debuting new styles to punctuate your pieces perfectly!

  1. Shower doors are morphing from the frameless look.

We’ve been enjoying for years to incorporating more pronounced framing details that mimic the architecture of the home or the homeowner’s personal style. These are some really sharp looks- are they for you?

  1. Sinks and bathtubs are boasting more bold designs as colors, patterns and shapes.

They seem to know no bounds! From very beautiful features, to very functional designs, these fixtures surely offer something for everyone. Check out this new heated massaging bubble feature for that perfect pressure in between jets and effervescent bubbles.

  1. Color was everywhere this year, without exception!

Everything you can imagine has color options and boy do they make a statement! Probably the most unexpected was the resurgence of the 1950’s style refrigerator and oven, which can be color customized to personalize your space!

  1. Kohler’s Smart Home features for the bathroom have impressed us with Alexa

With just a simple command, you’ll enjoy being able to control the water temperature, pressure and on/off commands in the showers, never mind the various body jet commands. Additionally, the integrated, lighted 3-way mirror allows your voice to determine light temperature and intensity for morning or evening as well as on and off functions. Don’t even get me started on what the toilet can do. This display won “best booth” in my book!

Well, there you have it! 10 new trends to watch evolve this year and beyond in the kitchen and bath arena. Let’s see what fun we can have with these!

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