What a great trip we had to the High Point furniture market this past month! We enjoyed seeing new emerging trends as well as the evolution of those that have sustained the past few markets and really taken off into new and different styles.

Art Deco Trends were popular particularly in lighting seeing different geometry, shapes, figures and configurations that were ever present in this super fun era! The trend continues in accent tables and consoles, giving spunk to any room.


Mid Century is back!

Next, the Mid-Century modern era is back in full force! What was once old is new and is it ever reinterpreted in a relevant way. Vintage stores and Grandma’s closet are being raided by millennials for these items while our manufacturing friends produce fresh takes on these oldies but goodies. Lighting, case pieces, fabric patterns and furniture frames all support the most important looks of the 50’s and 60’s.

My most favorite are the martini or cigarette tables, as they are now available in so many fun shapes and sizes, as well as all different materials. Crystal, metal, wood and stone are all amazing foundations for these often-artful pieces. They’re super fun to use as spot tables all over a room.

The power of texture…

Texture is amazingly prevalent in our market right now. Anything from hard surface textures like natural cut crystals, glass, wood and metal finishes to softer textures like wallpapers, leathers, fabrics and rugs are no more a rarity. Cork or rattan on mirrors, rough cut crystals on the perimeter of a spot table, embossed metals on cocktail table surfaces, cerused wood cabinets and tables clad with colored grasscloth were popping up everywhere!

Texture can be tactile or just visual. The burled woods, artistic painting under lacquer and reverse painted glass create a sophisticated texture in a class of their own. Interestingly enough, these textural looks make them extremely versatile to be interpreted in modern, transitional and even coastal designs. We see the absence of texture in the many lacquered finishes this season in modern and sophisticated ways. We see white, navy, black and blush primarily. But, in my opinion, no color looks bad in a high gloss finish.

“Balanced” is not always in…

The abundance of asymmetry was a fresh surprise for spring! Squaring things up and evening them out are no longer a prerequisite for balance. Case pieces have accents off center, unequal drawer and door configurations and non-customary leg placement on tables. The juxtaposition and combination of materials like acrylic and live edge wood, metal and stone, glass and lacquered wood give a room a special and unique look. Added depth is achieved by taking this creative license with furniture architecture.

Don’t be afraid of a splash of color…

Color is back in our market and neutrals are no longer dominant. The rich, saturated jewel tones emerging are a great pop to the neutrals we’ve endured for the last decade. They’re a much-needed life giver to a room’s overall feel.

We’re seeing these vibrant hues not only in the expected areas like fabrics and rugs, but case pieces and light fixtures are being offered in more colors than ever before. White was one of the most abundant colors at market. It was super clean and welcome for spring, particularly when paired with the fresh greens, dusty navies and earthy hues. Blush tones have evolved to rich plum hues and navy has gone a little smokier to a grey/steely blue.

The sharp contrast colors have definitely softened up a bit this season. When colors seem a bit too bold, cut the intensity by adding some classic black and white. This eliminates competition between the elements of the design and allows focus to travel to the most important pieces in a room.

I’ll close with Nik’s Picks…my favorite items in each category this market:

  1. Vanguard’s acrylic framed chair boasts an art deco, yet classic look that’s unmatched!
  2. John Richard’s light fixture can’t decide if it’s more of a light or a work of art!
  3. Currey and Company’s extra special quartz rimmed martini table.
  4. John Richard’s sideboard with an amazing reverse painted glass.
  5. Taylor King’s super mod, yet lush, cut velvet fabric.
  6. Currey and Company’s shaped, cork mirror.
  7. Bernhardt’s metal and wood open console.
  8. Visual Comfort’s glass and brass wall sconce.
  9. Jaipur’s felt and wood textured cube ottoman.
  10. Jaipur’s wool patterned rug.

Watch the video here!

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