Okay, so how many “Friends” fans do we have?? Did you watch the Reunion?? I was floored at how much the actors have changed…but I still found them each as endearing as ever! So it reminds me that everything changes…including your preferences on design styles.

While some prefer a spa-like experience in their master retreat, a locker room flair may be more fitting for a commercial space or kids’ bath. At one time, bright colors may have appealed most to you, whereas an organic oasis may be your latest vibe. Design is subjective; there really is no absolute right or wrong when it comes to style. Just as long as the fundamentals are followed (scale, color balance, spatial balance to name a few) just about any look can be a knockout.

The One with the Traditional Stuff

We had fun renovating this bathroom to look totally current, yet grounded with Old World charm. Traditional elements like a claw-footed tub, furniture style vanities, and tons of Carrera Marble everywhere make this bathroom a classic, yet with a relevant look for decades to come! Deep navy painted vanities bring a fresh look and feel. The hex tile on the floors and shower ceiling also add a bit of contemporary personality. The classic exposed plumbing fixtures in the steam shower nod to the homeowner’s early European heritage as do the ”lanternesque” vanity lights. We aren’t the only ones who love it…this took 1st place in bathrooms in the 2020 ASID CDT Awards!

Purdue - Nicole Arnold Residential Interior Design Portfolio
Purdue - Nicole Arnold Residential Interior Design Portfolio

The One with the Craftsman Flair

This quaint craftsman home had a very dark, difficult master bath space to offer and the homeowners were clamoring for a solution. Not only was functionality key, but also important was a look that felt more like them and also look original to the house. We had the perfect solution…colorful concrete caustic tiles! Opening up the shower and removing the labyrinth-like doorless entrance was key! We enabled the shower and the entire bathroom to be flooded with light and feature a stunning backwall full of style! This is now our clients’ happy place!!


The One that’s Sleek and Zen

The homeowners were excited to do something different and out of their comfort zone….enter black tile! An entire wall of beautiful, soft black undulated squares gives a high contrast to the rest of the white tones in the space and earns high marks with our homeowners. The wood appointments add a softened organic touch to ensure it’s not too sterile.

The One with the Modern Edge

This project was super fun to incorporate the rock-n-roll edgy vibe that started in the front rooms of the house into the master bathroom. Easy maintenance porcelain tile with dramatic veining is the showstopper here.

The One with the Dragon

When you’re in the mood for color, nothing less will suffice…at least not in this case! We had a ball designing with this classic Schumacher print that boldly cloaks the walls of this “conversation piece” pool bathroom. The bright tones and artistic dragons bring life and energy to a once very vanilla space.

Cozy Coppell Traditional Turns Transitional

The One Where We Come In

“We’ll be there for you” 🎶…

If you’re challenged with how to makeover your bathroom spaces, give us a call. We’d be glad to come up with some fabulous ideas to fit your personality and your style!

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