Color WheelCOLOR is a language. It is one of the most fulfilling elements in our lives. Not only does color attract our attention, but it can actually change our mood. It is one of the first things we notice when entering a room, which makes it one of the most simple but impacting changes you can make to your home.

Determining a Color Scheme
Color SPEAKS to who you are, so it is vitally important that the first step in planning your space needs to be determining a general color scheme that best suits you and your room. If you want the atmosphere of your room to produce a calming effect, choose blues, greens, purples or tans. If energy is what you desire, choose colors in the red and orange family. However, if you want to elicit a lighthearted feeling in your room, yellow is a great choice!

Creating a Palette
In choosing any room’s color theme, it’s most interesting to blend 3-4 colors to create a palette. Once that’s determined, remember that it is best to keep your walls in more neutral shades. Then, let the stronger colors be represented furniture and accessories. Choose draperies, throws, pillows and upholstery in the stronger hues of your color palette.

So, the bottom line is…

Color MATTERS. It affects our moods, it represents us to others, and it needs to be utilized in a tasteful manner to make the best impression. Your color choice is therefore, one of the most important decorating decisions you’ll make. If you need help choosing your perfect color theme, allow me to guide you along the color wheel!

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