The holidays are coming and so are your guests…loved ones that you can’t wait to see (and some that you can’t wait to see leave…😉 😉 ). Regardless, a gracious host always wants her home to feel warm and welcoming. Are your guests’ quarters ready to entertain? If not, here are a few ideas to ensure comfort during their stay.

  1. Layer it on

Bedding with multiple layers accommodates the cool sleepers and the warm sleepers.Who doesn’t want to climb into a fluffy, cozy bed?

2. Sometimes two is better than one

Separate beds are great for non-couples or children. Add a desk for some brief work or correspondence is always a welcome feature!

3. Set the Mood

Reading lights next to the bed are discreet, but oh so handy for late-night reading!

4. comfy chairs and blackout curtains

A guest chair provides a comfortable place to put on socks and shoes. Blackout curtains ensure the morning light doesn’t interfere with a sound sleep.

5. Make Some space

Clear space in bathrooms for guests’ belongings. Nobody wants to have to move a million knick-knacks in order to find a spot for their toothbrush.

His and hers double sink

Bonus tips that’ll score you extra (brownie) points:

  • Have plenty of towels and supplies like extra toothbrushes, deodorant, shampoo, and body lotion in case a guest forgot to pack some essentials.
  • Place some water bottles or a pitcher of citrus or cucumber-infused water in their room for late-night thirst.
  • Place a season-appropriate scented candle on their nightstand or dresser for soft lighting in the evening.
  • Fresh flowers or a single stem in a vase is also a special detail.
  • Mist pillowcases and sheets with lavender spray before making the bed and guests will be greeted with a relaxing aroma as they settle in for the night.
Nicole Arnold Holiday decorations
It can be so much fun to visit with our guests…if you need a little help getting ready for yours, call us and we’ll get you prepped!

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