Styling windows doesn’t have to be a pane

We all know that a well-dressed window can make or break a room’s aesthetic, but if you aren’t aware of some basic tips and tricks, then styling your windows can be a huge challenge. Follow our simple design rules to turn those boring windows into show stopping focal points for your space.

Hang Wide

On smaller windows or windows with a great view, arrange the vertical panel stack to cover more of the wall vs. covering glass. This will make the window and space appear larger.

We recommend extending your curtain rod out a minimum of three to six inches on each side.

Hang High

Hang treatments as high as the room will allow (sometimes just below the crown) to add visual height a room.

Lining Matters

Choose the correct lining. Blackout is best for ultimate room darkness or maximum fabric opacity. Interlining will add fullness and volume to lightweight curtain panels. A contrast lining behind sheers can add a whole new dimension to a fabric.

Layer Treatments

Layer treatments such as shades and vertical panels to add dimension to a room. Designer windows almost always sport at least two window treatments — whether it be a matchstick shade framed by drapes, wood blinds paired with a pretty Roman shade or plantation shutters topped with a chic valance. Not only does this rule find its roots in functionality (more window treatments, better insulation), but it boosts style, turning the window into a design focal point.

Hardware Selection

Select the proper hardware…there are tons of options available in all sorts of materials, so don’t skimp on this. This is that “jewelry piece” that can perfectly punctuate your fabric and can be the star of your overall treatment!

Keep Calm and Curtain On

While the rules mentioned above are good to keep in mind when dressing most windows, they aren’t hard and fast. Trust your instinct when styling small or tricky spots and remember that, ultimately, a window treatment is meant to treat light, noise or temperature based on the needs of the space. If you’re looking for custom solutions for your whole house or a specific space, you can request a consult with our team.

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