Ever feel like you need an injection of color and style into places you dwell?  Are you tired of the stale look and feel of your surroundings?  With a few simple adjustments or updates, you can add life and freshness to any room.    Changes can be as simple as a new vase, a few colorful pillows, a great scented candle on a tray, a impactful piece of art, one statement lamp or a few new pieces of hardware.  We believe that modifications do not have to break the bank or come in giant waves.  Here are some suggestions on breathing life into an old space.


Suggestion #1:   Introduce new throw pillows


Refreshing a look with new pillows on a sofa or chairs can create a statement with existing seating or bedding.   Introducing a bench with a bold, pop color allows the entire room to benefit from this simple update.  Remember to consider different textures, shapes, colors and patterns for an effortless and stylish look.  A nice throw in a bedroom or den can also help spice up a space.

Suggestion #2:   Update your walls



A simple piece of art can create the wow factor you so desperately desire.   Creating a gallery wall by pulling together old family photos or collection of art that works well together or combine pieces that even could create a eclectic look.  A grouping of mirrors can add the needed drama to a room.  It is amazing what wall decor can do to a space, whether it’s a hallway, game room or study.

Suggestion #3:   Replace or add hardware

Screen-Shot-2016-07-08-at-9.56.30-AM      Knobs.jpg

Updating hardware in a kitchen or bath or on an old dresser can provide the punctuation needed to transform a space or tired piece of furniture.   Vintage knobs can be the jewels to add character and beauty to a drabby dresser.  Crystal knobs can add glam in a beautiful master or guest bath.   Unique hardware can add those details your kitchen is lacking. Choosing a style or finish that works with the space is key; contemporary kitchen looks best with streamlined pulls and with painted or stained cabinets any finish will work -oil rubbed bronze, satin nickel, pewter or chrome.   Mixing styles creates interest as long as they are the same finish.  (Photo courtesy of TopKnobs)

Suggestion #4:    The addition of an interesting lamp or light fixture can transform a space.

A vibrant colored lamp or sophisticated chandelier can create the perfect expression of style you desire in a room.   Or, a simple updated light fixture can create that special touch needed in a master bath.


Suggestion #5:    Paint those walls

A simple paint color change can infuse life into a dingy room or add spark to a focal wall.  Soft gray or spa blue color palettes are most popular right now!



If you’d like professional guidance on how to strategically incorporate pizzazz into your design, call us, we’d love to work with you to achieve the perfect result you’re seeking!






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