First impressions are everything and a stunning foyer gives guests a preview of what to expect when they visit your home. Foyers are more than just an entry portal to your home – they are the runway which should provide a seamless transition into a larger area. Varying in size ranging from quaint, small spaces near doorways to expansive, grand halls, a perfect foyer is a combination of style, adequate lighting, and carefully chosen décor. No matter how big or small the area, here are some helpful tips to create an impressive and functional entryway.


decorated foyer




Make It Comfy

Foyers can exude elegance but that doesn’t mean this area needs to be stuffy. You want your entryway to be inviting while still allowing you to express yourself through interior design. Typically a high-traffic area, the foyer benefits from comfortable seating, handy storage, and strategic lighting. More than just a pass-through, the foyer is a great place to relax, so making it into a comfortable seating area allows it to double as a reading nook or mini sitting room. It can also be a great spot to preview artwork or collectibles that give a small taste of the tone of the rest of the home.





Try Something Unique!

When you focus on designing the perfect foyer, “one-off’s” can make all the difference. From chevron-style hardwood floors to unique wall art, a whimsical light fixture or a precarious statue, the foyer is the perfect place to try something different. If you’ve ever worried that something wouldn’t work in a larger room, try it in a foyer and you might be pleasantly surprised.







Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…

The foyer is an ideal place for a gorgeous large scale mirror, making sure you look your best when coming and going and it serves to open up the space. If a foyer tends be dark, this is your best bet for multiplying light. Try placing a mirror as a backdrop above a console with a couple of lamps in front to infuse the area with light.







foyer with cabinet & mirror



Get Organized!

In high-traffic areas, it’s often hard to keep things neat, so clutter control is a top priority for modern foyers. Since these are generally small spaces, the furniture you choose should be multifunctional. The best foyer furniture pieces neatly conceal clothing and shoes yet still maintain aesthetic value. A low-profile bookshelf can display a small book collection and doubles as a console table to place buffet lamps, key trays, mail holders, and other decorative items.

For larger foyers, a standalone coat rack/umbrella stand combo keeps the chaos at bay. Add an upholstered storage bench that doesn’t look like typical storage furniture for a comfortable place to put on and take off shoes. Smaller spaces benefit from functional pieces like decorative wall-mounted coat hooks, pendant lighting, and floating shelves.




Entryways are some of the trickiest spaces when it comes to designing to maximize the space. It doesn’t matter if you have a grand foyer or want to create a cozy and functional niche, with these tips and a little patience, you can create a foyer that you’re proud to show off. Need help planning the perfect foyer? I can help you create a functional space full of personality.

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