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No, it’s not as easy as it may seem, but DIY interior design also isn’t as difficult as it may seem either if you take the appropriate steps.

When you’re about to undergo a significant design project, make sure you build in as many efficiencies as possible so you don’t wear yourself out doing things multiple times. When you consolidate the workload appropriately, it makes for a much more enjoyable (and less frustrating) experience!

Create your vision
Decide what you want your rooms to look like. Draw a picture, have a photograph or tear sheet from a magazine on hand and post it in the workspace for easy reference. Take before photos for future bragging rights!

Determine all of the materials you will need to complete your project. Tile, paint, flooring, fabrics, trim pieces, accessories, etc. Decide how much of everything you will need (when in doubt consult with a professional). Order all of your supplies and ensure the lead times on the materials will fit into your time frame for completion.

Plan how many days you’ll need for demo and installation. Post this schedule in the workspace as well so that if more than one person is working on the project, everyone has the same expectations.

Once you have materials on hand, begin the labor of the job. It’s a fatal mistake to begin a job without all the materials and find out when your ½ way demolished that a key item in on backorder, stalling the entire process.

After the demo has been completed and the area cleaned well, installation can begin!! Always remember to keep the most fragile parts of the project for the end to protect your new materials! (i.e. don’t install new carpeting until after you’ve painted)

Now, you’ve installed and hopefully decorated your new space and you did it all yourself…congratulations!! Take some photos and show your friends.

Remember, this process looks simply outlined above, but can be extremely detailed and cumbersome to keep up with when you’re not used to working in this capacity. Should you feel like the leap is just too large to do solo, consult a professional interior designer and contractor and you and your project will be completely taken care of!

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