High Point Market was full of amazing new interior design trends for 2022 and we are excited to share some of our favorite finds with you!

We were met with an inspiring design community and endless booths of high-end furnishings, accessories, and designs that will define trends for 2022.

From experiencing debut collections and collaborations to meeting new vendors, we are so excited to bring some of these styles into our up coming interior design projects!

  1. Bold Patterns

Bold, bright patterns are very prevalent this fall. Jewel tones, geometry patterns and mod looks are gaining momentum and all step up in some really fun ways, injecting energy in our designs. We can’t wait to incorporate them!!

2. Vintage Art

Vintage Pop Art was interestingly on point in this market and was a refreshing reminder of the past fun we’ve all had. Rock n Roll, favorite glamour brands, and Vinyl were all some fun features we enjoyed. Nostalgia on steroids!!

3. Bright Color

Bright colors were definitely not shy this year at High Point Market. Release your inner boldness and get bright with some energetic color! Of course, this can be as intense or as conservative as desired, but a little bright really livens up the room!!

4. The Edgy side of Design

Have a hidden edgy side that you want to express in your design? Here are some fun shots we captured that have that “edge” that’ll really set your room apart. I can’t wait to integrate some of these into upcoming projects!! Have a favorite?

5. Black and White

Black and White is always right…or is design subjective? We think EVERY room can use a little black and white! We love the high contrast in these vignettes and it will be so much fun to pepper in some accents or springboard an entire design off of this palette.

6. Unique Frames

A lot of unique frame details were showing off on upholstery pieces. Chairs, sofas and more boasted unique features that will surely make creative statements within a room! What’s your favorite??

7. Smiles Everywhere

It seemed everywhere I looked around High Point Market, furniture kept smiling at me! I wonder if that means I need to buy it all?!?!? 😉 It certainly made for a very happy market trip!! See if you can spot all that I found…

8. Earth Tones

Earth tones are making a comeback in all aspects of design; fabrics, artwork, and accessories are embracing this age-old palette in fresh new ways! For those that love the warmer palettes, this will surely be a welcome trend!

9. Home Office

Looks like this trend is here to stay…and grow! We continuously get requests to create the perfect Work from Home space for our clients. If you need a little boost on getting inspired, peruse through a variety of coloration, styles and functionality that are “on trend” right now. Lots of options exist (including way more than we have time to illustrate), so we believe finding the perfect one for you is a piece of cake!

10. Geometrics Abound

We may underestimate how often geometry enters into great design. When looking around this year’s furniture market, I was impressed with how creatively simple shapes were infused into lots of different furnishings and fixtures. There are tons to appreciate!! How fun are these??

11. Texture

Texture makes everything more interesting. I loved seeing the mixing and matching of substrates on furnishings this market trip. Fabrications like leather, cane, rattan, and fur were incorporated in so many interesting ways. Wait until you see how we work these into our upcoming designs…keep checking our social!

12. Outdoors or Indoors

As outdoor living continues to gain strong momentum, more and more lovely options are now ready to take on the elements. It’s hard to tell whether these pieces belong outdoors or in! Furnishings, rugs, lighting and drapery all come in all-weather options. Call on us to determine which could be right for you!

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