Vibrant, Exciting Space Touts Dynamic Visual Impact to Enhance Market Traffic; Drive Increased Sales for Nationally Renowned Retail Rep Group

DALLAS, TEXAS – February 3, 2016 – Nicole Arnold Interiors, a leading and award-winning interior design firm, announces the completion of its new design for Diverse Marketing’s showroom at the World Trade Center in Dallas. As a nationally recognized retail representative group offering gift, sports, and toy products, Diverse Marketing engaged the firm to reinvent its Dallas showroom space in order to enhance market traffic, sales, and overall employee motivation. The design project was completed prior to the start of the Market Gift Show on January 20, 2016.

Diverse Marketing’s showroom has a unique and ideal corner space that is adjacent to elevators and escalators in the trade center. Previously, though, it was a dark space that had little mechandising appeal to attract customers. Nicole Arnold Interiors re-designed the space to give it colorful brightness, excitement and vitality.

“We changed the color scheme, fixture presentation and overall feel to create a more inviting and interactive look, particularly spotlighting their principal products, FitKicks and Optical,” said Nicole Arnold, President of Nicole Arnold Interiors. “Our objective was to ensure that the showroom had a “wow” factor for unmistakable attention during market. We decided the best way to do this was to create a cohesive “shop” arrangement out of the hundreds of products Diverse Marketing represents, properly zoned for strong visual impact and buyer shopping experience.”

The Diverse Marketing group is thrilled with the new “look and feel” of their showroom space.

“Our previous space was distinctly outdated from walls and color to the furniture,” said Kim Kramer, Diverse Marketing’s Director of Sales. “Nicole created a design that sparks vibrancy and warmth making the showroom now appealing to customers.”

“Nicole brought the ‘wow’ factor we were seeking that has already contributed to increased sales and our signing over 45 new accounts during the Gift Show, which is unprecedented for us,” added Kramer.

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Diverse Marketing Showroom, World Trade Center, Dallas

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