Rules were made for breaking…right?? (wink)

And this season chic homeowners are breaking all the rules when it comes to metallics. Gold, silver and copper? Yes, it’s true: The fearless design element of mixing metals adds a little sparkle and elegance to your home’s decor.  Here are a few fun secrets for integrating mixed metals into your home this season.

1. Start Small: The best way to dip your toe in this mixed-metal trend is to add it to your spaces in small doses. A contrasting lamp, side table and pillow will add impact to a room. And whether it comes in the form of gilt, leafing, threads or sequins, it’s not about one bold statement but more about making your home glow.

2. Pick A Favorite: Are you a golden girl? How about a platinum man? Pick your favorite metal, and let that be the dominant metal in the room. Then, fill out the space with a mix of contrasting metals, like rose gold, silver or copper to add a unique and unexpected twist to traditional metallic décor.

3. Don’t Forget the Brass: Consumers recoiled when brass re-entered the home design market a few years ago. However, its importance and acceptance — particularly brushed brass — has only gained momentum and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Brass’s unique ability to blend well with other bronze or silver metal pieces adds dimension and depth in a sophisticated way. Plus, its historical appeal makes it an instant classic with timeless acceptance.

4. Consider the Finishes: Polished nickel, chrome and brass are all top picks for contemporary home design finishes. Their highly reflective nature adds that perfect touch of the popular Art Deco interior design statement, and can be the perfect finishing touch in a room, as long as its used strategically. Keep your look modern by integrating brushed, highly polished or hammered metallic finishes, as well. For a sophisticated take on the trend, try silver leafing to elevate your finish to luxe proportions. Most recently, rose gold finishes have entered the market and are being incorporated as a fresh update to warm-toned metallics.

5. Add Texture: Mixing metallic finishes and textures in lighting, home accessories, furniture accents or drapery hardware leaves a plethora of options for a designer to create their “custom cocktail” of blended metallics in a room. Don’t forget that fabrics woven with metallic threads, coated in metallic finishes or adorned with metallic beads can add a lot of variety and help spread your metallic message throughout the space.

The true art of mixing metals is in its simplicity: Choose a few statement pieces that you love and find the right balance of delicate contrasting metals to evoke a shiny and lustrous vibe.

Keep the rest of your design simple, and let your metallic accents tell the story.

Nicole Arnold Interiors knows all about mixing and matching metals, fabrics and colors.  If you need some advice, we’d welcome your call!


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  1. Ken Lewis October 9, 2017 at 7:16 am - Reply

    Gorgeous design inspiration, Nicole! We love when designers share their tips and tricks which is why we’ve shared your blog on Studio Designer’s Twitter!

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