Need help understanding your design style? We are here to guide you through the process to make your home represent you and your personality. Here are some popular styles that will point you in the right direction in the design process.

  1. Traditional

Traditional spaces, at their foundation, embrace both structure and symmetry. This style has a rich color palette, classic patterns, and fabrics such as plaid, houndstooth, and herringbone. All elements from the fabrics to the finishes are timeless and create a warm and welcoming space.

Purdue - Nicole Arnold Residential Interior Design Portfolio

  1. Refined Rustic

This is an overall clean aesthetic with a neutral color palette that perfectly balances both masculine and feminine components. Layered textures, cozy accents, various wood finishes, natural elements, and textiles such as leathers and hides are critical to providing dimension and warmth to the design.

  1. Coastal

An overall relaxed feel created through the use of a soft, cool color palette that brightens up the space. Selecting casual frames and natural textural surfaces make the design feel inviting. When you walk into a coastal space, it should feel light and airy. It essentially brings all of the best elements of a coastal getaway right into your home.

4. Transitional

Traditional elements mixed with updated finishes, clean lines and geometrics create a style we refer to as transitional. An overall neutral color palette with a pops of color incorporated strategically throughout the space, without taking attention away from the overall design. This style communicates simplicity, yet has depth and is the perfect balance of classic and modern elements.

What's Your Design Style?

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What’s Your Design Style?

5. Contemporary

Contemporary Design is ever-changing to represent the current design trends. Clean lines and reflective elements such as glass and metal maintain an overall sleek aesthetic. This style avoids clutter and unnecessary accents at all costs. Fewer, bolder fabrics and frames communicate the entire room’s design imply, yet with impact. It is very refined with every piece in the space serving a purpose, and limited injections of color are carefully selected to enhance the design.

Lakeway - Nicole Arnold Residential Interior Design Portfolio

6. Mid-Century Modern

This style incorporates pieces that originated in 50’s and 60’s and are still relevant today…think “Mad Men” but updated. It has lots of warm wood, clean lines, and an overall minimal look and feel to the space. Furniture frames are very architecturally influenced and feature geometric lines and forms. This style is an ideal representation of “less is more”.

7. Eclectic

This style 100% curated, with layered elements, bold color combinations, and various patterns. This style incorporates pieces from many different styles, that are all brought together in a very thoughtful way in order to maintain balance in the design. These designs often have the most depth and interest for those time when a commitment to a singular design style isn’t desired.


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