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We often think of beginning a project, but don’t actually begin the process for quite some time after it’s conception, if at all. Usually, the seemingly small projects morph into something much larger and more involved; we get overwhelmed and consequently paralyzed from doing anything at all. My advice…start with the small stuff!

Once you feel the sense of desire to begin a project, you need to determine if you can do it alone or if you’ll need help. If you need help with creating the grand vision, hire a professional to guide you with the larger, more overwhelming portions. Then, chunk down the project into small bites so you can determine if you’re up to any or all of them yourself.

For instance, remodeling a bathroom requires the inspiration and vision for the finished result, tear out, selecting and procuring materials, installation of materials, painting, and decorating the final aesthetic touches. If you’re talented in some of those areas, take them on yourself and do a portion at your own pace.

If you need help, there’s a litany of professional resources available to you. The most important thing is to just get started!

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