Looking to elevate your office interior design?

It might sound like a daunting task but there’s no need to completely redesign your space to achieve an invigorated office vibe and energy. We’ve compiled a few simple office design tips to get you started in creating the perfect interior refresh for 2018.

  1. Take a Stand: A new year always re-invigorates our commitment to wellness and improved health. So, why not swap out a few office chairs for standing work desks? Research has found that standing desks lower obesity rates, improve posture and even reduce cancer rates — all ailments that are exacerbated by prolonged sitting. Plus, a recent study from Texas A&M University found that employees who used sit-stand desks were 46 percent more productive than those at traditional desks.commercial law firm
  1. Color Your World: Colors also play into productivity levels — and add a fun design element to office workspaces. Blue, yellow and green — the more saturated, the better — have all been lauded for years as colors that spur creativity and stimulate the mind. Why not try one as an accent wall, or add a fun patterned rug in these vibrant hues?
  1. Go Green: Bringing the outdoors in is a major interior design movement for 2018, and that extends to office spaces as well. Integrate potted plants into your design for a stress-relieving décor accent, as well as an air quality booster.
  1. Sharing is Caring: Cubes and private offices are out; shared workspaces are absolutely in! For 2018, it’s all about communal worktables and large modular desks that sit 2-4 people. Not only do these shared spaces improve employee morale and communication (no need to email your co-worker across the room) but they also are great for idea generation and sharing.
  1. Let There Be Light: If you’re not making the most of your natural light, it’s time for a change. Open-concept office spaces tend to let in the most natural light but you can also add certain design elements to help, like open or floating shelving units. If natural light is a challenge in your space, consider upping your lighting game with pendant lights and artful lamps.
  1. Add Texture: The best office spaces are the ones that blend form and function. For a space that feels inviting, consider adding textures like throw rugs, pillows, and even draperies. After all, employees will feel more comfortable in a space that has a few comforts of home.
  1. Elevate Your Storage: The days of unsightly storage cabinets are gone. Today’s storage units are all about boasting a clean, uncluttered aesthetic. Crisp white cabinets with metallic pulls, or industrial-chic lockers that lend a Soho vibe, act both as art and functional storage.
  1. Get Creative: Give your meeting spaces an upgrade with a fun chalk wall. Chalk walls are an inexpensive and cool way to jot down ideas and schedules, and can simply be erased for your next brain-storming session. Plus, if you have artistic employees, they can always take a moment to create art when they need to clear their minds during the midday slump.
  1. Personalize Your Spaces: Even if your employees are a tight-knit team, they all have unique interest and personalities. This year, encourage their creativity within their spaces instead of enforcing rules about desktop décor. Or, if your employees sit in a group formation, mark areas of the office by color for a unique spin on defined departments.
  1. Create an Uncommon Common Space: Give employees a space they want to congregate for meetings and lunch — and guests a place to wait in style — with a common space that’s chic and uncluttered. Plush chairs or a couch, pillows, throws, art books and even tabletop game sets are all terrific additions to a shared space that will keep people entertained and inspired.

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