Upbeat office interior design dallasGone are the days of boring “beige” office interior design.

Today’s offices are all about reflecting the culture of their business and ensuring their associates are working in a meaningful, cool and productive space.  I’ll highlight three trending design vibes for workspaces: Zen, minimalist and modern.

Let’s take a look!

Everything Zen

Who doesn’t want a little Zen in their lives? Perfect spaces to relax and unwind, these offices are great for high-stress businesses that require a calm space for reflection. The Zen office space is defined by serene hues like white, shades of green, blue and gray, which pair well with natural wood, like teak or a natural burled maple.

Office accessories help achieve balance by bringing in natural elements, like a tabletop fountain, sweet succulents and chic bamboo.  Clutter is kept to a minimum with storage that camouflages with the rest of the office design and natural lighting from windows and skylights.

In an office space that doesn’t have much natural light, the aim is for softer and warmer lighting with a variety of lighting, like pendants or floor lamps.

A Zen space should feel light, airy and — above all — stress free.

Minimalist by Design

Minimalist interiors are about more than a design preference; they’re about a design that keeps all office essentials well organized, clutter-free and easy to navigate.

You won’t find a lot of accessories or bells and whistles for a minimalist office space.  Instead think clean, simple and everything in its place.  But that certainly doesn’t mean it is boring.

Minimalist offices are often the most creative due to their efficient use of space that considers every aspect of the office. The thoughtful design philosophy of minimalism makes it a perfect choice for any type of office.

A limited number of accessories are present, and are functional more than decorative, they are still sleek and chic. Modern shelving and only the most functional furniture, like convertible desks and versatile storage, populate the space.

Clean lines and solid colors work best in this environment- no statement patterns or busy artwork here. Keep it simple to keep the space’s minimalist vibe. This style can be pulled off with bright colors, soft pastels or a chic monochromatic palette. Strategically placed lighting keeps these minimalist office spaces sophisticated and contemporary.

Modern Marvel

Modern office interiors have definitely been the most popular request in 2018. Simple in design yet distinctively chic, these office spaces foster a productive flow of ideas.

The most energetic of the three office vibes, modern offices often integrate a pop of vivid color, like red, blue or orange, tempered by black and white accessories. Furniture is often glossy, and made of metal, plastic, wood or glass. Geometric prints often find a home in this design approach, adding another layer of color — and serving to spark creativity.

Lighting tends to be bright in common areas, and make use of spotlights and fun fixtures. Plus, unique works of art will not only serve as statement accessories but another source of constant idea generation. If idea generation and constant inspiration are a must for your business, a modern office design is a perfect choice.

Nicole Arnold Interiors can help your business determine which of these unique design trends will fit your business best.  We will not only come up with a style that is unique to your company and its mission, but also sets you apart from your competition, makes your staff enjoy their work spaces and makes a memorable impression on your clients.

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