The Nicole Arnold Interiors team recently headed to High Point to see what the Spring 2019 Market had to offer! We were met with an inspiring design community and endless booths of high-end furnishings, accessories, and designs that were defining trends for the year.

From experiencing debut collections and collaborations to meeting new vendors, we are so excited to bring some of these styles into our upcoming interior design projects!

Bar Carts

Adding a bar cart into your living space is sure to guarantee a party! These once modern-century modern trend pieces are making a comeback. With their wide variety of styles, it’s easy to integrate one into your home since there’s a style out there for everyone!

High Point Market Bar Cart Trends High Point Market Bar Cart Trends

Oversized Sectionals

It’s time to gather the whole family and leave no one without a seat! Big sections are back and make the perfect statement in large, open floor plans.

High Point Market Bar Sectional Trends

High Point Market Bar Sectional Trends

Bold Bright Colors

Bold bright jewel tones are the rage and we’re seeing them evolve in busy, bold patterns, color blocking, and geometric interpretations. Colors are being used as the perfect pop from walls, rugs, upholstery, and even pillows.

High Point Market Bold Color Trends

High Point Market Bold Color Trends

Credenzas & Chests

These pieces are the perfect fusion of functionality and beauty. Metallics, geometry, and textures are just some of the wide variety of styling options that make these “wow” conversation pieces!

High Point Market Bold Credenza Trends

High Point Market Bold Credenza Trends

It’s All in the Details

Details the unique features that set a piece apart from everyone else’s and earns you bragging rights. Starbursts, acrylic frames, contrast welt, and geometric shapes that can be found in unexpected places…that’s what makes a statement piece!

High Point Market detail Trends

High Point Market Detail Trends


As much as we appreciate the beauty of our designs, they’re even better when they’re functional! Pieces that allow for creating storage and open when needed are in ever-increasing demand from our clients.

High Point Market Trends Functionality

High Point Market Trends Functionality

Nesting Tables

Layers of surface for side tables or cocktail tables are not only functional but really fun to look at. These tables can be positioned in a multitude of ways and easily movable to accommodate extra guests.

High Point Market Trend Nesting Tables

High Point Market Trend Nesting Table


What used to be deemed for hallways or movie theatres are now integrated into bathrooms, living spaces, and bedrooms in all sorts of ways. From sleek contemporary, glamorous crystals, or sweet and traditional, everyone can find a style they love!

High Point Market Trend lighting

High Point Market Trend lighting

Sheep Skin, Animal Fur, & Nubby Textures

Nubby textures in rugs, blankets, and upholstery are climbing the ranks and were everywhere at the market! Primary found on ottomans and rugs, these textures were often juxtaposed with super clean metal or acrylic frames to highlight the fabric texture. Yowza

High Point Market Texture Trends

High Point Market Texture Trends


Rattan, rope and wood frames bring texture to a whole new dimension. These pieces bring depth to a room when paired with sleek or rigid surfaces. Offered in multiple wood tones, painted colors, and fabrics, you’re sure to find a piece that fits your style.

High Point Market Trend Texture

High Point Market Trend Texture

Be sure to stay up to date with us as we dive deeper into these

updated market trends over the upcoming weeks! 

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