The Spring 2014 High Point Furniture Market at High Point, NC,  was full of energy, buyers and, most importantly, fabulous new merchandise with trends that were delightfully surprising to spot. The showrooms looked better than ever as some of my favorites, like Gabby, grew in floor space while others, like Worlds Away, were relocated to house their merchandise in engaging displays. The beautiful spring North Carolina weather and all of the social events gave this event it’s final touch to be a great trip overall!

Top 10 Highlights of the Trip and Trends to be Aware of for your next design:

1. Larger track arms on sofas are being used more to accommodate a casual lifestyle’s seating and perching.

2. Egg-shaped curved backs to sofas and chairs are prevalent in most lines- a great aesthetic when the backs of upholstered pieces are visible in open spaces and not against a wall.

3. Brass, particularly brushed brass, is EVERYWHERE and here to stay! Lighting, tables, accessories, and furniture frames all adorn this great metal finish.

4. Acrylic is becoming more mainstream, although it’s been previously regarded as a very high end product, It’s integration with glass, wood, animal hides and metal create unique and unexpected pieces to accent a room in a very special way.

5. Colored lampshades, whether painted on the inside or outside is surfacing in several lighting lines. Metallic paint on the shade’s interior creates a beautiful glow of downlight in a room.

6. Popular colors throughout the upholstery and accent lines were Gold, Greys and Vermillion (a coral meets orange color). Vermillion was Global Views’ signature color this market and they do color better than anyone!

7. The Coastal influence in art, accessories and upholstery fabric was ever prevalent across the market, highlighting all sorts of shapes that made you want to be beach-bound!

8. Case goods with metal and mirrored glass accents are still the rage as their reflective qualities are unmatched when needing that special pop in a room’s décor.

9. The Proximity Hotel in Greensboro was the ultimate find for a “Green” night’s stay (voted greenest hotel in America). It’s a new, beautiful hotel that it’s truly a luxury to visit.

10. Daughtry performed live at the HP Market and backstage passes, complimentary of Surya, earned me the special treat of meeting the band just before the show. Excellent concert!!!

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  1. Braden Bills November 16, 2016 at 9:27 am - Reply

    I want to make sure that I get the best furniture for me. I didn’t know that you could go to a furniture market to get it! I’ll have to see if I can find one to visit. That way I can ensure that I get exactly what I need!

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