Using artwork in interior design

Express your personality through the art you choose

Artwork can come in many forms. Most familiar to clients are pictures or paintings that hang on a wall. Others prefer free-standing sculptures or mixed media tabletop pieces. It can be confusing to decide on what artwork is the best for your home or office, but I keep the task simple by remembering that artwork is all about the owner.

Show Your Personality
Regardless of the form, artwork usually reveals the owner’s style and taste. It can also reveal their personality, and ultimately their soul. For example, I’m a generally upbeat, happy, optimistic person. I love contemporary artwork with bright colors, jewel tones and movement throughout the objects in the pieces. When you see the pieces I’ve acquired, it’s easy to see why I love them! There’s a correlation there between the person and their artwork.

Others with a more stoic side prefer black and white scenes, more traditional clients like softer color palettes with more muted objects. Some of those choices border on depressing or dull to me, but to another, it’s simply beautiful! So, embracing who you are when you’re selecting your artwork is a pretty sure way to validate you’ve made the right choices.

Art is Limitless
The most liberating thing to me about art is that it’s limitless. There are no boundaries or rules!! I like contemporary art, but have mostly updated traditional furnishings in my home. So, to blend everything together, I select more traditional frames for the pieces of art I collect.

This makes it easy for anyone to own meaningful artwork and be confident that it fits their personality and home in a unique and personal way.

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