There’s no better way to unwind from a hectic day than by soaking away all of your troubles in a luxurious tub! We love incorporating sleek soaker tubs into our clients’ bathrooms and watching them transform everyday spaces. So let’s make sure your bathroom is made into a show-stopping relaxation retreat!

There are a variety of soaker tubs that will match your bathroom interior design style. Below are some of our favorite soaker tubs featured in a few of our Dallas area residential interior design projects where we made the tub a stunning focal point of a huge master suite oasis.

Modern Soaker Tub

Modern Soaker Tub Bathroom Interior Design
This modern soaker tub is the perfect blend of classic, yet beautiful, modern design with its sleek styling and clean lines. Not only the bathroom’s visual centerpiece but this tub’s ergonomic design also gives you both style and comfort. Let the relaxation begin!

Oval Soaker TubModern Oval Tub Bathroom Interior Design

The oval soaker tub elevates this bathroom design with its lavish look. This tub provides sophisticated and gentle curves that give off a soft sense of allure without taking away from the other bathroom interior design elements. Its glossy finish paired with natural light from the window, this tub is visually stunning.

The Classic Clawfoot Soaker Tub

Claw foot tub bathroom interior design

This elegant, classic clawfoot soaker tub carries a show-stopping antique look while staying true to its traditional roots. The stunning details of the pewter claw feet mixed with sultry curves create for a timeless combination.

Traditional Encased Soaker Tub

Traditional soaker tub bathroom interior design

This encased soaker tub gleams with ultimate bathing luxury! Encompassed in symmetry and natural stone elements, the encased soaker tub blends seamlessly. There is no doubt that this bathroom interior design will calm your senses and immerse you into full relaxation.

Helix Soaker Tub

Soaker tub bathroom interior design

This tub is “too hip to be square”… Its angular nature allows it to play into the geometry of the rest of this bathroom perfectly! Don’t let the angles fool you, though…it’s super comfortable for a relaxing soak!

Which soaker tub is your bathroom interior design style? 

Incorporating a soaker tub into your master bathroom is perfect to make a statement in one of the most important rooms when it comes to interior design. The best part about bathroom interior design is that anyone can create a luxurious getaway for relaxation in their homes that perfectly fits their style.
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