Anne Sacks metallic backsplash

Anne Sacks metallic backsplash

Once the holiday decorations have all come down, relatives have gone home and kids are back in school, it’s easy to get the post-holiday blues…

One way to overcome these is to reinvent a part of your home! Remodeling or re-facing a significant area or room is a great way to keep enjoying your home while giving you something to new focus on and later appreciate. January and February are the times we get the most calls for remodeling, so we’ll be spending a few weeks going over helpful tips when it comes to your next remodeling project! One of our clients’ most popular spaces to renovate is THE KITCHEN. Everyone uses it, everyone appreciates it, and everyone sees it all day long. Plus, if you’re concerned about preserving your home’s resale value, you’ll get the biggest bang for your buck in the kitchen!

In this series, we’ll discuss four very important selections when it comes to the design of your kitchen:

PART 1: The Backsplash
Neutral tones and colorations make it super easy to change out colorful accessories throughout the year as well as have a broad appeal toward a future homeowner. Or, for a bolder, more dramatic look, use ceramics or glass with deep hues to make your kitchen pop! The direction of the tiles can make a huge difference in the way your final result presents. For example, on a long, galley style kitchen with shorter ceilings, running a tile vertically can add height to the backsplash vs. a horizontally laid pattern which makes it seem more elongated and short. In terms of materials, metallics, unique stones and glass are extremely popular right now…


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    Where did you buy or what brand is the back splash with the pink flower on the table

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