Now that the flurry of December holiday activity is over, are you stuck in the post-holiday doldrums? That’s what I call the feeling you get when you look around and everything is just kind of … blah. You’ve taken down all of those beautiful lights and your holiday decorations, and that lack of fun and festiveness may leave you feeling less than excited about your home.

The good news is that the post-holiday slump is the perfect motivator to redecorate. And just like you, professional designers such as myself love to celebrate the New Year with reinvented rooms, giving 2016 a fresh new start! On that note, here are four of my favorite quick and easy design ideas to inject new life into your most popular rooms:

    dining area remodel trend 2016

    A comfortable dining and living area remodel could be the perfect thing to start your 2016 off right.

  1. Dining Areas: The “family dinner” is making a big comeback, and the best way to celebrate a meal with loved ones is in a comfortable dining space. Whether it’s your quaint breakfast table area or your formal dining room, treat yourself to an enjoyable experience! Some prefer a grand dining table and plush upholstered chairs; others on the opposite end of the spectrum love a cozy banquette, nestled in a nook-like space. Whichever your preference, as long as it’s comfortable and inviting, you’ll find everyone willing to extend their precious meal time with family or friends.
  2. Kitchens: Aside from functionality, the aesthetics of a kitchen are the top priority. Many of today’s kitchens are visible and open to the main living space, giving them a strong necessity to blend with the flow of the home’s overall look. Some popular ways to update and look current with today’s design trends are two-tone cabinetry color schemes. Consider having the cabinets refinished in a contrasting shade of paint to the island, or paint upper and lower cabinet banks 2 different colors. Then, bring the dual tones together by upgrading the backsplash and/or countertop surfaces in designs and color schemes that incorporate the cabinetry colors. When you’re ready to redecorate your kitchen, the possibilities are endless as to how you combine texture and color in this “heart” of the home.
  3. Living Areas: Many homes, particularly here in the Dallas/Fort Worth area have multiple living spaces. Perhaps you’ve used a space designated as the “formal living room” for years and it no longer fulfills its original purpose. Try reinventing what I’d refer to as an unproductive space to one that’s more purposeful! Popular trends are creating a mini lounge area to enjoy a glass of wine, a game room to play cards, or a quiet library-like nest for reading in an exclusive space. I find areas like this a lot of fun to design because they can be so unique and personalized for the homeowner.
  4. Accessorize: If nothing else, ring in the New Year with some new accessories and artwork. This is probably the easiest way to inject new life into a room by changing color schemes or transitioning styles. For those desiring a more limited investment, this can truly be a “game changer”! Many of my clients keep “seasonal reserves” so that they can rotate their pillows, accessories and artwork throughout the year to keep their look consistently refreshed. There are many options available to achieve this aspect of design either on your own or with the guidance of a professional interior designer.

No matter which part of the house you decide to start with, hiring a professional designer is key. We have access to incredible fabrics, furniture and fixtures unavailable in retail outlets, and just as important is our expertise in managing the process to keep track of all the details. Think of this as your “post-holiday blues” therapy: begin a collaborative experience where we get our creative juices flowing and guide your project to a perfect conclusion. You simply get to do the fun part — enjoying your brand new décor throughout 2016 and beyond!

Call us at 214-326-1160 to let us know how we can create a revitalized home design for your New Year!

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  1. Rick Duffy April 19, 2016 at 5:46 pm - Reply

    Congratulations Nicole. Although I’m not surprised. I hope all’s well.

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