Everyone wants a beautiful, organized home

When planning that stunning new interior design, don’t underestimate the importance of home organization.

Without an organization strategy, you risk the results of your interior design vision falling victim to clutter and disorder.

Why? Because homeowners actually live in their homes, and using everyday items that aren’t part of the design is a reality.

Clothes, shoes and winter coats … books, paperwork and files … heirlooms that don’t quite match the style of the house but can’t be parted with … these are all real things that need to be considered to ensure an overall successful and sustainable result.

When you envision your dream home design, what do you picture? Papers on the table? Shoes piled by the door? Small appliances swallowing up the countertops?

Of course not. When our clients imagine their dream homes, they think of sparkling surfaces, perfectly organized closets, great interior design and everything in its designated spot.

A beautiful home is an organized home.

Here are our three most important tips for incorporating organization into interior design.

Keeping our homes organized keeps our interior designs looking and functioning at their best!

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

If something doesn’t enhance your design, place it out of sight!

Use contemporary, stylish baskets or decorative containers to hide away small items like toys, remote controls, knickknacks and household items. A stylish accessory can hide a multitude of sins!

Use furniture pieces that have opaque rather than glass doors so that you can create a nice, clean appearance to your cabinets and shelves.

We find that this is a really useful question when making a decision on a new organizational strategy: Does this fit with the overall design of this home?

Avoid organization tools and products that create a messy appearance. Choose accessories, furniture and design elements that hide the clutter and mess that come with an active and busy lifestyle.

Reinvent Your Closets

You may be surprised to learn that there is a lot of hidden space in the areas you already have. They’re just not maximized.

Celebrate the opportunity to make over for your closets, garages, pantries and cabinets. This can create TONS of space for you!

Closets don’t have to be a mess. They can be decorative and glamorous or superbly functional and utilitarian. You even can create your own unique combination of both.

We have an arsenal of fabulous professionals who partner with us to create space where you might not realize space exists. They’re truly magicians. And who doesn’t want more room?

Make a Clean Sweep and Clear Some Space

Organizing is as much about how you store your items as it is eliminating the unnecessary ones. Use this as the perfect time to donate, sell or discard things you simply no longer need.

  1. Dwell with Dignity helps families across Dallas working toward self-sufficiency. You can donate furniture and housewares in good or lightly used condition, just email [email protected].
  2. Dallas-Area Habitat for Humanity Restore accepts building materials, home-improvement items, appliances, and furniture. Their Dallas area centers offer pick-up or drop off options.
  3. Amvets assists Dallas military veterans and their families. You can give gently used clothing, housewares, tools and lawn equipment, and seasonal items. You can schedule a pick-up with their team toom.
  4. Simply have a few holiday items you need more space to store? Callbox Storage Dallas is one of the best kept secrets in self storage. They will pick up, store and deliver your items for you – plus, you only pay for the items you need to store.

This can be a challenge for some individuals to do themselves, and we have wonderful professionals to recommend who will assist in this endeavor. They specialize in knowing exactly the processes and methods that will specifically work for you!

Are You Ready to Get Organized?

Our friend and Dallas-based professional organizer Tonia Tomlin from Sorted Out Professional Organizing recently guest wrote a blog post about decluttering your home for us about getting organized as a New Year’s resolution. She talked about some of the biggest problem areas that people need help organizing: closets and kitchens. Go read it and get inspired!

And check out our complete blog archive, where we talk about some of the most exciting interior design trends and timeless classics here in Dallas.

Whether you are designing a brand-new home or working to remodel or reinvent an existing space, Nicole Arnold Interiors can provide you with personalized guidance and expertise. 


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