Our latest office interior design project, ADT’s Dallas headquarters, is a colorful, contemporary and energetic space. Dallas’ foremost commercial interior designer, Nicole Arnold was asked by ADT to renovate the firm’s offices. The project included renovating and redecorating the conference areas, break room and bathrooms. The new commercial interiors successfully convey the ADT brand’s focus on providing the most advanced security technology to its clientele.

Dallas Commercial Interiors In Color

While designing this clean and functional commercial space, Nicole and her team incorporated bright colors and large-scale abstract art to reinforce the brand’s tech-forward message. ADT’s bright blue logo color became the basis for a vibrant color scheme.

Cobalt blue, red, orange and yellow are the dominant colors in the abstract paintings throughout the office. The canvases add a sense of energy and movement to the interior design, messaging ADT’s growth-focused company culture.

commercial interior design ADT office Dallas by Nicole Arnold Interiors

A Reception Area That’s On-Brand

Subtle brand messaging greets visitors the moment they arrive. Using the exact blue of the ADT logo, Nicole designed a bold, contemporary lobby. Modern steel and gray furnishings allude to the tech industry, and the logo-blue accent wall features a media screen for branded video. A custom area rug features the ADT logo with graphics that reference wiring and connectivity. The space presents this 140-year-old brand as modern, not stodgy.

modern office reception area interior design, ADT headquarters, Dallas, by Nicole Arnold Interiors

A High-Performance Break Room For ADT Staff

With the team’s space planning skills, the ADT break room was transformed from a typical cafeteria setting to a lively, welcoming space with a coffee-house vibe. Since the space is used by over 500 people every week, Nicole applied high-performance seating fabrics to comfortable tub-style chairs. The addition of small round cafe’ tables invites staff to relax or work on a laptop. Textured blue upholstery fabrics combine with a contemporary geometric pattern in cobalt, yellow and lime green to add welcoming energy to this Dallas office.


Space-Planning For Flexible Training Spaces

Flexibility was key to the interior design of the conference space. Since it includes a conference room and training area that can be either joined or closed off from one another, it was important that the two areas share a cohesive design scheme.

To warm up the two spaces and tie them together, Nicole decided to install dark wood wainscoting throughout. The added architectural detail breaks up the long walls, and the medium wood tone adds sophisticated polish.

office interior design, conference room at ADT Dallas by Nicole Arnold Interiors

In the main conference room, a long console is topped by a pair of contemporary lamps that add ambient light, reducing the need for overhead lighting. High-quality artificial fig trees soften the room’s hard edges. The design team’s selection of blue and steel furnishings and colorful, contemporary paintings continue to represent ADT’s high-tech brand message.

Commercial interior design, office conference space Dallas by Nicole Arnold Interiors

In the adjoining training area, blue desk chairs and steel tables that match the conference room furnishings keep the design cohesive. More fig trees add soft, natural elements along the walls. The large abstract paintings chosen for this room prominently feature the bright blue of the ADT logo.

ADT headquarters, Dallas, training and conference room by Nicole Arnold commercial interior designer

Stylish, Modern Office Bathroom Designs

Employees and visitors are treated to more upscale design details in the bathrooms. Hexagon-shaped, iridescent blue glass tiles cover the entire sink wall. Lit by mid-century style wall sconces, unframed mirrors add a clean, modern touch. Rectangular sinks and square faucets continue the play on geometric shapes.

Blue glass backsplash and mid-century modern wall sconces, office bathroom interior design by Nicole Arnold Interiors, Dallas

With staff working at all hours, ADT provides shower facilities. In the shower and dressing area, clean white subway tile lines the walls. In a nod to ADT’s tech acumen, the space is accented with bands of stainless steel mini-brick tiles. Large-format gray porcelain tiles are a practical flooring solution. A mirrored wall and teak bench help to create a spa-like ambiance.

Shower, white subway tile and stainless steel mosaic tile, office interior design by NIcole Arnold commercial interior designer, Dallas
Details like the three-dimensional white tiles chosen for another backsplash continue the modern, minimalist theme. Geometric shapes, metallic finishes and shades of gray throughout the bathrooms are in perfect alignment with ADT’s technology-focused mission.

Brand-Messaging Through Office Interior Design

The team at Nicole Arnold Interiors is Dallas’ expert at distilling the essence of a brand and infusing it into the interior design. The staff at ADT Dallas is enjoying the improved appearance and function of the spaces where they spend so much time. For the ADT brand, the interior design carries the firm’s message of innovation and technology throughout the office environment.

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