Office interior design trends in the last twenty years feature open office designs, co-working lounge areas and stimulating decor. A comfortable, relaxed environment makes your company attractive to potential hires. But according to recent studies, open-plan offices have much lower productivity. Employees are distracted; they’ll often take work home, work longer hours and eventually look for another job. For a company to function at its best, compromise is key. So what will the best office interior design practices be in 2020?

Office Privacy Increases Productivity

Open office plans were intended to inspire collaboration. But this modern and uncluttered look became trendy outside of the tech industry. For many employees, the noise and lack of privacy make it difficult to stay focused. At the opposite end of the design spectrum is the outdated “cubicle farm”, which employees find isolating (and depressingly bland).

To create privacy and maintain a collaborative environment, Nicole Arnold Interiors follows these office design best practices:

  • Flexible workstations can be moved and reconfigured as needed.
  • Ergonomic design ensures that chair height, keyboard, and screen height adjust to each employee.
  • Lower cubicle dividers provide privacy, without cutting off communication.
  • A work table and ergonomic chairs in larger offices provide space for group collaboration.
  • Semi-private lounge areas provide a break from desk-sitting, and can be used for group projects.
  • Glass walls prevent isolation and foster communication.

Our office interior design solutions help create a feeling of openness, while maintaining enough privacy to promote productivity.

Dallas Offices Designed For Healthy Living

Employees are attracted to open office plans because they have features that support the workers’ health and comfort. An office that cares about employees’ well-being is more productive; plus it attracts the best hires and retains employees long term. Here in the Dallas area, our mild winters and a long warm season support an outdoor lifestyle.

Helping your staff stay in touch with nature is a great mood-booster. Use natural light as much as possible by giving employees a window view, and adding skylights to windowless areas. Daylight also reduces the need for artificial light, reducing the electric bill. Provide an outdoor break area with green space – even if it’s just a container garden. Be sure to add shade cover for our hot Texas summers! Add plenty of indoor plants to soften the environment and help filter the air.

Support your employees’ work-life balance by making it easier for them to fit exercise into their day. A locker room and shower area makes it easy for staff to commute to work by biking, walking or running.

Shower, white subway tile and stainless steel mosaic tile, office interior design by NIcole Arnold commercial interior designer, Dallas

Plan to include secure storage for bicycles and other personal gear.

“By acknowledging and supporting employees’ health and wellness needs, we’re helping integrate our personal and professional lives harmoniously.”

Josh Wise, Etsy

Office Interior Design With The Comforts Of Home

Office interior design doesn’t need to be sterile for productivity; people need visual stimulation. Being able to move around is healthier, and promotes collaboration. Lounge chairs and sofas are perfect for reading, or working on a laptop in a home-like environment. Include extra seating options such as small lounge areas, or standing desk stations, so workers can change positions for part of the day.

Lighting design helps create a warm, welcoming office environment by layering task lighting, overhead lighting and ambient lighting. For a more friendly office interior, reduce overhead fluorescent lighting; add task lights at each workstation. Colorful, attractive table lamps are a great source of ambient light.

At Munn & Morris Financial Advisors, we understood their goal to create a polished, contemporary space evoking a sense of understated luxury to align with a broader range of their clientele. This environment enables their customers to feel comfortable while visiting their office and confident in their ability to care for their investments.

Upbeat office interior design dallas

Your office furniture and decor send a message about your company to both your employees and clients. In our design for National Accounts Office in Dallas, bright blue reinforces the company brand.

modern office reception area interior design, ADT headquarters, Dallas, by NIcole Arnold Interiors

Colorful art enlivens the office interior design, and gives staff something inspiring to look at when they need a break from the computer screen.

office interior design, conference room at ADT Dallas by Nicole Arnold Interiors

In our interior design of First Funding’s office, indoor plants and nature-inspired art add appealing warmth to the space.

Upbeat office interior design dallas

Color is an important element in office design; we use it often to separate high-energy spaces from calm, quiet areas. Add color to office walls to create a home-like feeling, bringing stress levels down.Upbeat office interior design dallas

The lime green color chosen for the furnishings evokes money, energy and growth.

Upbeat office interior design dallas

Creating work-life balance for your employees through interior design takes commitment. At Nicole Arnold Interiors, we understand that people have different working styles. Using office interior design’s best practices helps employees stay engaged and productive; and that’s good for your bottom line.

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