Nicole’s Neutrals | Summer 2023 Edition

This summer we’ve had record-breaking heat, making it the perfect time to stay indoors and revamp your interiors! In this issue of Nicole’s Neutrals, we dive into the best color tones for your summer-inspired interior and detail the do’s and don’ts of utilizing design elements in your home, including accessories, light fixtures, seating, and more! Review our guide below and learn how to revitalize your space.

Casual Elegance Meets Livable Function

Summer Neutral Tones

Summer Neutral Tones

This season we picked paint colors from Sherwin Williams that go with a plethora of fabrics and decor. Moderne White SW 6168, Softer Tan SW 6141, and Mild Blue SW 6533 make a great summer palette. Moderne White has a bit of a green undertone and is a great cool white for walls or trim. Softer Tan can work both for your interior or exterior spaces and has undertones of wheat and green. Mild Blue coordinates with many neutrals and is a fun subtle color that breaks up the monotony. We paired these tones with cooling fabrics, floral patterns, embroideries, and woven textures.

Airy Accessories

→  Do: When it comes to accessories, opt for materials that evoke a sense of lightness and translucency such as white crystals and glass. These materials reflect natural light and infuse your interiors with an airy feel which should enhance the overall ambiance.

→  Don’t: Avoid heavy dark woods or iron accessories, as they can create a visually heavy and dense atmosphere. Additionally, steer clear of saturated tones that might overpower the light and breezy ambiance you’re aiming for. Stick to lighter shades and tones that complement the season’s bright and cheerful energy.

Cool Lighting

→   Do: To achieve the vibrancy of summer, embrace cool-toned bulbs with a color temperature ranging between 3,000K and 3,500K. These bulbs emit a refreshing soft white light that mimics gentle daylight and brings a sense of openness to your space. Consider light fixtures with rattan features to add natural texture, or select white, metallic, or camel-colored accent lamps that enhance a light and airy aesthetic.

→   Don’t: Avoid yellowish light bulbs with a color temperature of 2,700K, as they emit a warm glow associated with the coziness of winter. Additionally, dark lamp shades block light and create a dim atmosphere so choose lighter shades to allow the full potential of the bulbs to shine through.

Smooth Seating

→   Do: Choose seating options with smooth or woven surfaces, such as leather, vinyl, or cotton duck. These materials provide a cool and comfortable seating experience, especially during the warmer months. Smooth surfaces also make cleaning and maintenance a breeze.

→   Don’t:  Avoid chenilles and velvet fabrics. These materials tend to trap heat and can become uncomfortable when temperatures rise. Stick to breathable fabrics that promote air circulation to keep you and your guests cool and comfortable.

Sheer Window & Table Coverings

→  Do: Utilize sheer linens or grass shades for windows and table coverings. Sheer fabrics allow natural light to filter through while providing a soft, diffused glow. Grass shades add an organic touch, evoking a sense of outdoor serenity. These light and breezy window and table coverings will enhance the inviting ambiance you’d like to create in your home.

→  Don’t: Avoid heavy or dark fabrics that block the flow of light and create a stifling atmosphere. Dark curtains or heavy drapes can absorb heat and make your space feel stuffy.

Pillows & Throws

→  Do: Add lightweight fluffy pillows and throws to seating areas or on top of beds to add dimension to your design style. Opt for fabrics that are breathable and provide a soft touch, such as linen or cotton. These items are such an easy way to bring a pop of color, pattern or texture to your space while ensuring comfort and relaxation.

→  Don’t: While pillows and throws are wonderful additions, it’s important not to over-appoint your space with an excess of them. Maintain a balance and avoid overcrowding your seating areas, as it can make your space feel cluttered and less inviting. Choose a select few that complement your overall design and provide a touch of coziness without overwhelming the space.

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