With its well-earned reputation as a gathering place for friends, family, and guests, the living room is the star in any modern home. So it makes sense to give the most-used room some extra love with a mini makeover. Transforming your living room doesn’t have to be hard – from bold accent walls to textured area rugs, there are tons of creative and inexpensive ways to liven up your living room.


Designed living room

Don’t Be Afraid of Paint

Add some color to your space. Sounds simple enough, right? Color comes in many forms, and no matter the budget, it’s the quickest way to elevate your space from mundane to marvelous. Paint is an interior design favorite that almost instantly transforms a space, especially when it’s used creatively. Try painting the backs of bookcases for a lively focal point or a ceiling for added drama. Stumped on what color to choose? Look to your existing décor and accessories for inspiration. Pick up on the tones of throw pillows, rugs, and drapes to create a coordinated look.

How about going against the grain a bit? Try painting the moldings and baseboards in a darker color and keep the walls light. You can opt for bold wall colors if keeping furnishings more neutral or opt for softer neutrals on walls that reflect light, make spaces appear larger, and put your living room furniture in the spotlight.



Get Artsy

Living room designOf course, paint isn’t the only way to breathe new life into your living room. The right piece of wall art is an easy way to show your artistic side and put the finishing touch on your space. Wall art infuses your space with a curated look. For contemporary rooms, go for a large, single, statement-making art piece. For a monochromatic look, try hanging different photos in neutral frames with bright white mats for continuity. On the traditional end, a beautiful landscape that depicts colors used throughout the room is always a home run!

The ideal place for an eye-catching art piece is above the sofa or mantle but don’t be afraid to try something different like flanking a window with two similar pieces or using decorative mirrors in lieu of art. For a smaller living room, the strategical placement of mirrors can help a room look more spacious.


Don’t Forget the Floor

Designed living room with bayFace it, the floor is often the last thought. We spend a lot of time picking out the right furniture, lighting, and décor, and the floor can easily be forgotten. However, taking time to choose flooring and rugs pays off with a look that ties everything together. Gone are the days when wall-to-wall carpeting ruled and people are now gravitating more to hardwood, laminate, and even concrete flooring for extra versatility. Consider the wear and tear your home takes to select the most practical substrate.

On any hard surface floor, we recommend area rugs. And, when it comes to rugs, one of the most important things to consider is the correct size. An improperly sized rug – either too big or too small – can really throw off the look of the room. Choose larger area rugs for expansive spaces and try oblong versions for oddly shaped or narrow rooms. Not sure how big to go? Try making an outline on the floor with painter’s tape to get an idea of how a new rug would look in your living room.

The smallest changes can make a huge difference, so unleash your inner designer and update your living space. It’s not always necessary (or practical) to give your living room a complete overhaul, so use these easy fixes to makeover your space on the fly. Need inspiration or advice? Get in touch and I’ll be happy to help.

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  1. vividkreations December 6, 2023 at 1:08 am - Reply

    I loved reading your blog on how to brighten up your living room! Your ideas are not only helpful but inspiring. I especially liked the one about adding colorful throw pillows and art to your living room to add a splash of color. It’s amazing how little changes can go a long way in making your living room feel alive and inviting. The idea of personalizing your living room with family photos is also a great way to make your living room reflect your own style and memories. I look forward to seeing how you implement these ideas in my home!

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