Casual Elegance Interior Design style

For my final entry in this series, I want to focus on truly livable design. Too often, people think that professional interior design means turning your home into a museum of expensive pieces that you can’t touch. Nothing could be further from the truth! If a designer does her job well, you’ll end up with a room — or a whole house — that looks great and feels comfortable for your everyday life.

I call this look “casual elegance,” and it works for just about everyone — especially families with kids and pets. Think of it as the equivalent of your favorite weekend outfit: You love jeans and a cozy sweater, but that doesn’t mean you have to choose outdated versions of the style. Your home will look similarly pulled-together when you chose quality materials and chic pieces that you can live in.

Hallmarks of Casual-Elegant Style

  • Comfort: Above all, casual elegance is meant to be lived in. It’s the perfect style for high-traffic areas like your family room, where you just want to relax. Choose plush sofas with rounded arms and lots of room to spread out. Soft extras like chenille pillows and faux-fur or velour throws add to the tactile nature of this style.
  • Durability: In high-use spaces, flimsy furniture and cheap fixtures won’t cut it. Choose durable textiles in mid-tones that hide dirt, and keep fragile items to a minimum. Wall art is a better choice than knickknacks in these spaces so favorites aren’t broken by youngsters or a rowdy crowd at your Super Bowl party.
  • Organization: Family-friendly spaces are likely to become cluttered with school papers and toys, so I always like to add a wall of shelves with useful boxes and bins to hide away the mess. Linen-covered boxes are the perfect blend of casual and elegant, and they come in almost any color you can imagine.
  • Style: Casual elegance requires a balance. It should look beautiful, but not too sophisticated — this isn’t the place for an experimental accent chair or delicate glass table. Use your favorite colors and patterns but keep the lines approachable, and you’ll have a great family room or media center.

There’s at least one room in your house that can likely benefit from a casual-elegant makeover. At Nicole Arnold Interiors we can help you choose the right furniture and layout to create a cohesive look that is both livable and lovely. With a practiced eye helping you find balance, you’ll be on your way to creating your new favorite room!

Our in-home consultation is perfect for those looking to start. We’ll arrive in your space and sit down to chat about how you envision your ideal space.

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