dallas living room interior designHow do you get inspired to do a project in the first place?

We usually see a friend’s home, a television show, magazine article or visit a vacation spot that evokes some comforting emotions- those of desire to duplicate or sustain that feeling we feel when we’ve seen something we admire.

Magazines and Websites
Some of my favorite inspirational sources are HGTV (particularly Divine Design with Candice Olson); magazines such as Architectural Digest, Traditional Home, Southern Living and the Better Homes and Gardens special interest publications. These days we have so many resources at our finger tips with the internet. I love visiting websites like Houzz and Pinterest to see what others are chatting about; and of course visiting model homes!

I took a trip to New England and the cool, crisp weather, the colonial and cottage like homes, and antique furniture reengaged me with my appreciation for traditional and classic aesthetics.

Just Paying Attention
Pay attention to those things you really love and admire in other places you visit in reality or just virtually in publications. That’s INSPIRATION! You will enjoy your home and office surroundings much more, not to mention they’ll be a more accurate depiction of YOU, when you incorporate these themes into your space. If you can’t duplicate the look or idea you admire literally, find a way to interpret a version of what you like, with your own unique spin on the idea…even more personal!

As always, professional guidance is always available to you so that you can embrace what inspires you in the most effective way that suits your taste.

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