Every room needs a focal point

Every room needs a focal point

As the climate changes through the seasons so does our desire to make changes in our home and life. As you begin planning your projects for the new year, be sure to follow my 5 part series of quick tips that will allow you to makeover ANY space in your home.

Every room must have a FOCAL POINT. This is what defines the room and often reveals its purpose. Determining the focal point is fairly simple in most cases. This is the area you most enjoy viewing or that most often grabs your attention. Depending on your room, this area could be the fireplace, a large piece of artwork, an entertainment unit, or beautiful windows. Arrange your largest piece of seating furniture so that it faces your chosen focal point (this eliminates visual confusion); then layer in your other pieces of furniture and accent pieces. Once you have made these simple changes, sit back and enjoy when your guests notice the difference and you feel the difference in your room.

Be sure and check our next blog post in which I discuss SPACE PLANNING; how to best allow adequate space for functioning and relaxing in your room.

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