How fabrics bring a room to life

Drapery and upholstery are two of the many ways great fabrics can enhance a room design.

When you’re thinking of redesigning a room, what’s the first aspect you think about? I’ll bet it’s the wall color, then perhaps the furniture or maybe a general style you love.

One consideration people often underestimate is the importance of choosing the right fabrics.

Fabrics are a major design element, and when used well, they can set your design apart in unique, noticeable ways. I love fabrics of lots of different patterns and textures—consider all the ways fabric can bring your room to life!

1. Drapery   Drapery is an area where fabric can take on several different personalities. It can hang naturally in simple, yet beautiful folds that highlight its color and texture or be designed in intricate configurations to create boldness, excitement or highlight creative lines of a window. Choosing the right fabrics for your windows can change the whole tone of your room: breezy sheers will feel light and airy, while luxurious velvet drapes create a cozy, warm, rich space. Metallic fabrics add a touch of brightness and glamour.

2. Upholstery   Part of the fun in designing a new sofa or chair is choosing that perfect upholstery fabric to achieve the desired look. Whether it be a bold, large-scale print, a classic petit point solid or a beautiful silk, the upholstery makes the piece! While some furniture stores offer choices in upholstery, as interior designers we have access to a vast range of fabrics not accessible to the public as well as upholsterers who will professionally cover a piece per our designs for a completely custom look.

3. Wall Coverings   Did you know fabric is often used as a wall covering? Your designer can create this amazing look on an accent wall or throughout a room. Sound absorption, textural interest and added dimension are all popular reasons a designer will choose to apply fabric to walls.

4. Linens   In a bedroom, the linens are a major focal point of the design: after all, a cozy bed is the emphasis of the room. Layering patterns and colors in unique ways on a bed is part of the fun, but it’s also important to consider the quality of the fabrics used for sheets, blankets and pillow covers to ensure you get the durability you desire as well as a comfortable night’s sleep. Not only do your foundational elements need attention, but remember that custom pillow fabrics create the exclamation points on the bed’s finished look.

5. Accent Pieces   If you fall in love with a great fabric, but aren’t sure you want to use it to cover larger areas or furnishings, try featuring it on throw pillows, lampshades or even frame it as a wall hanging for a unique artsy translation.

Working with an interior designer can help you make the most of the fabrics you love in your home. Professional designers have access to fabric from fabric houses and wholesalers not widely available to help bring a truly unique and personalized look to your home.

They can also educate you on the best applications and uses for specific fabrics to help protect your investment. If you’re ready to begin introducing some new, amazing fabrics in your home or office, consider contacting our office for an interior design consultation. We’ll help you transform your room with beautiful fabrics today!



  1. Ast york November 3, 2023 at 1:52 am - Reply

    Nicole Arnold’s blog on the importance of fabrics in room design is a great reminder of how often we overlook the transformative power of textiles. Fabrics can truly breathe life into a space through drapery and upholstery choices, adding patterns and textures that make a room stand out. This article highlights that fabric selection is a crucial aspect of interior design that deserves our attention. So, when you’re planning your next room makeover, don’t forget to consider the magic that the right fabrics can bring to your space!

    • Nicole Arnold November 9, 2023 at 9:17 am - Reply

      Glad you enjoyed it!

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