Buying or selling a home in Dallas’ demanding real estate market can be a complicated process. As a Dallas interior designer, I often find myself teaming up with my clients and their realtors to help them find the right home or to advise them on a potential renovation for resale. Since we often work with the same clients, it makes perfect sense for realtors and interior designers here in Dallas to work together to serve the client best.

An Interior Designer Helps Dallas Home Buyers

While realtors are skilled at seeing a home’s potential, buyers find it difficult to imagine how a home could look without the seller’s decor. Meeting with an interior designer helps clients visualize the home with new decor. Walking through a home for sale, it’s easy for me to see the differences that new wall colors, furniture, flooring or window treatments will make; then give the client an idea of that vision and cost.

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If the buyer is relocating existing furnishings, we can draw a professional furniture plan to make sure those furnishings will fit in the home. By giving the client this confidence in their home purchase, design services are the perfect “extra” to help close a sale.

In the high-demand Dallas market, it’s often difficult for buyers to find exactly what they want in a home, in terms of specific features and flow. By partnering with an interior designer, realtors can expand their list of potential properties, adding homes that, with some remodeling, can meet the buyer’s needs.

Once a client considers buying to renovate, our design firm helps them visualize how the remodeled home will look and our design and renovation plans can help estimate costs. Then, the realtor can use the estimate to advise the client how much to offer for a property. Working as a team, we can give a client the best chance to secure their dream home.

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Interior Designers and Realtors Team Up To Sell Homes

Dallas area Realtors offer added value to home sellers by teaming up with Nicole Arnold Interiors. Preparing a home for sale is a stressful process for both realtor and client. Offering the client a professional design consultation as part of the selling process is a thoughtful perk. In the competitive Dallas market, it may even help secure a listing contract.

Studies have shown that staged homes often sell faster. While we’re not home stagers, we do provide professional interior design advice based on our knowledge of the latest trends and can certainly help a seller maximize their home’s best features. We may suggest stripping wallpaper, rearranging furniture, or repainting a few areas so the house looks up-to-date in online listings.

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Dallas area realtors are the experts in our local real estate market. They understand home values and know which features are in highest demand. As a designer, I know how to make the best of a home’s existing features. We have creative ideas for improvements that can help sell a home faster, and at a higher price.

Dallas Bathroom Interior Design

For realtors, teaming up with an interior designer makes both the buying and selling process easier and more profitable. As an added benefit, the client builds a relationship with a trusted interior designer, who can help them settle beautifully into their new home and take care of future needs.

At Nicole Arnold Interiors, we make interior design easy – we offer a thorough on-site consultation to jump-start your next project. We’ll get to know your goals, you’ll find out more about our process, and we can determine if we’re a good fit for each other.

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