Ever wonder why staying in someone else’s guest room feels so much better than our own beds? Now, you can get closer to creating that special feeling for your own resting place.

Follow these 3 tips to create a unique bed that not only looks good, but functions just the way you need it.


Not only do multiple layers of pillows and bedcovers add dimension to your bed from a looks perspective, but they’re functional as well. For example, a coverlet in the summer is enough to keep you warm, but in the winter months, a fluffy down duvet insert may need to be added to ensure you’re perfectly snug!

Mix and match all your pillows – different sizes and shapes create great layers!!


Pine Cone Hill

Compliments of Pine Cone Hill

Mixed Fabrics:

Consider using solids for foundational layers, but don’t be afraid to add multiple patterned fabrics to add interest and depth. Pillows, duvets, foot blankets and throws are optimal places to add these novelties. Even with monochromatic bedding, we vary textures and sheen within the fabrics we select to ensure the appropriate dimension is achieved!

Pinecone Hill

Pine Cone Hill white-gray

Compliments of Pine Cone Hill


We are constantly being asked to create bedding looks that are washable. Whether it be for kids or furry family members, our clients want to wash their bedding. We’ve seen several of our manufacturers address this need within their fabric or made goods lines so we have more options than ever before. Great looking, designer bedding doesn’t equate to “don’t touch” or “don’t sit” any longer…what a relief!

>Eastern Accents

Compliments of  Eastern Accents

Sunbrella Fabrics from CoastalLiving.com

Sunbrella Fabric as featured on CoastalLiving.com

Time to get your bed re-made into the perfect place of slumber!!  Call us today to help create your new bedding.


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