Does Color puzzle you?  When is too much or when is there not enough?  We’ll take a dive into varying degrees of color use to show you the many beautiful results that can be achieved by properly regulating tones, hues and mixing palettes. I’m convinced, this spring is the season to add some color!

Neutrals are always safe, predominantly when used on a broad area in a home or office.  One of the consistent, popular neutrals is Gray. It emerged as a trend a few years ago and hasn’t lost its momentum yet! Many different hues of this color are used to create varying warm and cool color environments. Use a dark charcoal for a dramatic pop or an accent wall. Use a foggy gray to achieve a light and airy, relaxing feel.

Here, I’ll share some of our most loved selections… but remember, if you need help with your color selection, you can always call me at (214) 326-1160 and I would be glad to talk to you.

Which gray is right for me? Perhaps this will help…

Cool Grays:

Sherwin Williams-Zircon7667

This silver gray paint color actually looks more silver and will appear luminous in a well-lit space. This looks great when paired with white.

Benjamin Moore- Stone Harbor 2111-50

This is a very saturated, pewter gray and communicates a cool look. This shade pairs beautifully with a bronze.

Benjamin Moore- Mt. Rainier Gray 2129-60

This example of a “steel gray” has a blue undertone. It’s a cool shade and appropriately referenced due to its steel-like appearance. Whites and creams pop off of this color well as accents!

Sherwin Williams- Exclusive Plum 6263

This is a very dark gray with purplish undertones. You want to use this shade in more of a casual space because it has more of a less formal feel.

Sherwin Williams- Gilbraltar 6257

Deep charcoal grays, also known as smoky grays, are very calming and are a great choice for a bedroom or accent wall. A high contrast, contemporary look can be achieved when paired with white or vivid colors.

Gray paint Photo from Houzz


Gray paint Photo from Houzz

Warm Grays:

Sherwin Williams-North Star 6246

This medium gray shade creates a happy, cheery space. Try pairing the color with yellow to ensure it’s overall look of warmth.

Gray paint Photo from Houzz

Sherwin Williams-Mega Greige 7031

When combining the gray with the earthy qualities of beige, the result is “greige”! Some call it warm gray or cool beige.  Regardless, it’s an organic stonework color with elegant neutral tones. This color looks great particularly in offices or common areas in homes, and is a good in-between color when the contents of the rooms are uncertain.

Sherwin Williams-Steely Gray 7664

This slate gray looks fantastic paired with tans and light wood tones. It’s another great medium gray to use throughout the home.

Gray paint Photo from Houzz

 Benjamin Moore- Cascade White 2127-70

This is a subtle tint that is a nice alternative to white.

Benjamin Moore- Gray Horse 2140-50

This shade looks beautiful used in a large open space. It is a warm and inviting hue and would look great used in Kitchens and living rooms.

If we haven’t described your favorite gray, here are a few more to consider as well…

Gray paint Photo from Houzz

Light/Cool Gray=Benjamin Moore Affinity Palette

Gray paint Photo from Houzz

Benjamin Moore-Kendall Charcoal HC-166

Gray paint Photo from Houzz

James Hardie’s-Iron Gray JH90-30 (exterior)

Gray paint Photo from Houzz

Sherwin Williams-Gray Area 7052

Gray paint Photo from Houzz

Sherwin Williams- Wool Skein 6148

Gray paint Photo from Houzz

Sherwin Williams-Analytical Gray 7051

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