Ahh, the bedroom! We begin and end our days here so it’s important to design a beautiful bedroom that is both energizing and relaxing. The bedroom is easy to overlook since it’s hidden from view most of the time. We tend to concentrate our best decorating mojo on rooms people see first, like living and dining areas. Don’t leave the bedroom out though. Create a space that makes you happy to wake up and welcomes you back after a long day with these helpful tips.


Take Your Time

When planning your bedroom décor, take time to think about the colors, textures, and even the scents that speak to you. It might be tempting to speed through the decorating process, but you’ll be happy you took your time planning it all out. Think about your room as it is right now. What do you love about it? What would you change? The answers these questions will put you on the path to the bedroom of your dreams.


Concealed Storage is Your BFF

A beautiful bedroom serves as a calming space allowing you to escape the chaos of the day. When creating your bedroom sanctuary, clearing out the clutter is paramount. This is where carefully concealed storage comes into play. Keep dressers, bedside tables, and other surfaces clutter free by using decorative storage that ranges from under-the-bed containers to decorative boxes. Bonus: adding hidden storage (like drawers under a bed) is a great way to maximize space in a smaller bedroom.



Colors or Neutrals? Or Both!

For a stunning bedroom makeover, you likely lean one of two ways. You either enjoy statement-making color combinations or prefer neutrals that easily coordinate with existing décor and accessories. While it’s certainly okay to adopt looks from design blogs, social media, and magazines that focus on neutral hues, if you prefer brighter colors, don’t be afraid to experiment. A bold pop of color is a wonderful way to communicate your personal style.



For a more subdued look, try bright white linens paired with complementary neutrals like cream, grey, or even black. The contrast will add flair while still maintaining a crisp look. For small bedrooms, focusing on a lighter color pallet creates the illusion of a larger space. And don’t forget the windows … adding window treatments is an easy way to infuse your space with color and patterns which instantly adds depth and style to your space.



Make the Bed a Focal Point

If you’re struggling to find a little design inspiration for your bedroom, try beginning with the bed. Arguably the largest piece of furniture in the bedroom, it’s an ideal place to start. Choose bedding that is not only gorgeous but also comfortable, but don’t be afraid to mix textures for added interest. If you prefer clean lines and solid bed linens, spice things up with an interesting headboard, a plush rug, or eye-catching wall art. Flank the bed with bedside tables and coordinating accent lighting. By making a dramatic statement with the bed, decorating your bedroom will be that much easier.


Decorated BedroomTie it Together with a Personal Touch

Whether your style is ultra-modern or leans toward traditional, always aim to retain your personal style. It’s definitely tempting to buy all new everything for your bedroom makeover, but it’s totally okay to hold on to a few of the things you love. Mixing a little of the old with the new gives your bedroom an eclectic, lived-in feel that plays well with fresh updates. Keeping the things that matter most to you will also make it that much easier to adapt to your newly decorated space.


Modern bedrooms are a marriage of style and comfort.  Designing your new room should be exciting and full of possibilities. Use these tips to get started and if you get stuck, contact me for a consultation.

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