To many clients, accessorizing may seem a little intimidating or somewhat overwhelming.   Interestingly enough, most clients already have the items to create a nicely accessorized bookshelf.  Most clients require a need for a talented eye and a few additions to enhance the presentation.   By using a few basic tips and ideas, you can easily update your room and shelves.

Determine your jumping off point…in this case, we used the artwork over the fireplace.  Next, select foundation pieces, such as baskets, sets of books, large vases, decorative pieces, or smaller framed art.  In this home, we used a few pieces of art and ornamental items as our foundation.

Capture color consistently with key accessory pieces, as with a red plate and coordinating vases.  Secondarily, we repurposed the customer’s blue vases and containers.  Balanced use of color creates focal points which make a room more interesting and visually appealing, without looking overdone.



Creating balance in scale and textures of the decorative items is also important.  Decorative items that are similar in size can be placed in opposing corners. Staggering, layering and stacking adds flow, depth and interest to your ensemble.

Add some bling!  Reflective pieces can be used to brighten up the shelves, particularly where lamps and lit candles can’t exist. Florals provide a soft texture to compliment multiple rigid surfaced items. Highlight key pieces with contrasting trays for a decorative backdrop.

Patterns and texture

Your storage cabinets are likely an untapped source for accessories, providing an opportunity to display beautiful trays, plates or platters, pitchers, & pottery that would typically be tucked away until holidays or rare special events.

If you struggle with tasks such as this, Nicole Arnold Interiors is here to help.   Or, if you are simply in need of an overall “refresh” to your home, please contact us today!

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