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When people ask me what home design projects they should start with, what they’re really asking is where they’ll get the biggest bang for their buck and the most impressive before-and-after story.

For the best return on investment, there’s no better room to start with than the kitchen or master bathroom. A thoughtful design will make all of your storage dreams come true, and great designer materials will elevate your room beyond “the expected.” As we often state, interior designers have access to a wide variety of furniture and fixtures that just aren’t available to the general public, and I love creating a personal, “one-of-a-kind” look for my clients.

My favorite designer material right now? Tile!

Tile flooring and backsplashes have come a long way. Here are my five favorite trends for your home.

  1. Classic Patterns
    Sure, you could choose a checkerboard, but classic doesn’t have to mean boring. Think outside the box for floor tile trends taken from classic suiting fabric: houndstooth and chevron patterns create a rhythm and work surprisingly well together.
  2. Multidimensional Tiles
    Great tile is all about creating a pattern, and 3-D tiles provide a fresh perspective. In addition to amazing colors and patterns, you also get to create interplay of light and shadow on your walls. These are a great way to add texture to an otherwise flat surface.
  3. Stone Mosaics
    Everything old is new again! Mosaic patterns have been used for thousands of years, and their intricate designs never go out of style. Update the look with natural stone for a chic, neutral palette that puts all the focus on the pattern rather than the color.
  4. Textured Shapes
    If you’re not ready to give up on the shine that glazed or glass tiles offer, try choosing ones that are only partially textured. Ribbed and combed areas can be combined in a number of ways to create a pattern on your walls while still providing that clean, tiled look for your backsplash or shower.
  5. Multifaceted Geometrics
    Whoever said that tiles had to be square? Designer tiles come in all sorts of shapes: Think triangles, hexagons, and intricate star patterns. They require professional installation due to their complexity, but the results are oh-so worth it!

Of course, you don’t have to limit yourself to just one of these tile trends. A great design can incorporate several patterns, colors and textures to look just right without being too busy or cramped. If these ideas have your curiosity piqued and you’re ready for some guidance, call us to help you achieve a look for your home that’s totally unique!

We offer on-site interior design consultations where your inspiration and input marry with our ideas and design to accomplish that dream home you desire! Call us at (214) 326-1160 or use the form on this page.

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