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This is a subject near and dear to my heart. I started my first career in the apparel industry, immersed in fashion trends, runway shows and more denim names for the color blue than I could imagine! What most people don’t realize is how similar the fashion industry is to the home interiors industry!

Textiles and Their Abilities

One of the things that made my transition easier is the importance of understanding textiles is so similar to apparel. In other words, in apparel, it’s important to know which fibers and fabrics are appropriate for various applications; and, in interior design, the same holds true. Understanding the makeup and abilities of a fabric or rigid surface (like tile or countertops) to perform in various situations is key to choosing how we adorn our furnishings, windows, walls, floors and more!

Colors and Patterns

When a new season begins, color services release “colors of the year” or tones that are “on trend”. Not only do these apply to apparel, but all forms of fashion, including home interior textiles, automobile palettes, appliance colors, food packaging, handbags, shoes, etc. Additionally, consistent patterns will pop up across these consumer categories. For instance, when the mid-century modern vibe regained steam in the past few years, so did flared silhouettes in apparel, as did classic geometrics and flame stitches in wall covering and fabrics. Then, earth tone colors across all surfaces home interiors, and especially apparel, prevalently emerged and immediately gained momentum. Even brown made a giant comeback!! Interestingly, a person’s wardrobe preferences will often tell us a lot about their taste in interior design.

Design Lifecycles

Just as in fashion, home interior trends come and go. Some last a few months and others span years. The key is understanding the life expectancy of these and knowing how to use them to your advantage, keeping them looking current. For instance, a balanced wardrobe is typically grounded in classic “staples” like black slacks, white blouses and a great denim jacket. People often invest more in these items because they will last decades and easily coordinate with trendy items. Layer in accessories, shoes and belts that reflect the latest and greatest fads until they’ve finished their time in the spotlight. Then, no love is lost when it’s time to retire them and those staple pieces can support the next trends!

Home interiors are no different. I always recommend my customers invest most in the pieces that will get the most use and are least likely to change–like the family room sofa and main lounge chairs. If the pillows, lamps, or a rug need to be replaced in a couple of years, it doesn’t cause a lot of heartburn and the investment is relatively smaller. This approach also allows a person to embrace current trends in a proportional manner, rotate the smaller items on a seasonal basis and keep reinventing those foundational furnishings time and again!

Whether you have a fashion emergency and need your home interiors rebalanced, or you just want to start fresh with that ideal pyramid of classic to trendy décor, Nicole Arnold Interiors is here to help!

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