2017 Home Redesign Tips

Is your home interior design on your list of 2017 New Year’s resolutions? It should be!

I love working with clients to turn over a new design leaf at the start of a new year, because I know great interior design will support your other goals and help you live the life you’ve always wanted.

Want to be more organized? Clever use of space and new storage will help. Longing to quit your commute and work at home? You need a home office renovation. Want to be healthier? Some kitchen upgrades or a home gym are just what the doctor ordered.

How to Refresh Your Interior Design

There are three basic ways to go about transforming your home’s interior design for the new year:

  1. Go “All-In” With a Professional Designer
    Working with a pro will give you insight about your home’s strengths to highlight and its weaknesses to cover up. You’re also guaranteed to get a seamless look when you revamp all the rooms together instead of doing a patchwork of changes over time. This “all-in” approach takes a commitment, but a great interior designer will listen to your needs, learn all about your tastes and help you with the big decisions. Here at Nicole Arnold Interiors for example, we have a specific on-site consultation we do to discover your vision and strategize to deliver your goals.
  2. Do a Room at a Time
    Perhaps, you’re happy with the overall look of your home, but a couple of needs have changed over time. Remodeling a single room might be the solution. Updating a kitchen or bath is a project that can be done successfully without clashing with the rest of your design, although an open concept home will require more care – a professional eye is a must.Turning a child’s bedroom into an empty nester’s hobby space or creating a new home office could also be a good candidate for a single-room redesign. Approaching your home project this way can be easier for those smaller investment desires and keep you from becoming overwhelmed; remember to always keep the overarching look of your home in mind so everything flows.
  3. Try Your Hand at DIY Work
    If you have both time on your hands and the inclination to learn some new skills, you can always resolve to redesign your home on your own. For people with confident taste and a clear vision, a DIY project can be fun! Just be aware that DIY doesn’t always mean saving money. If you’re faced with project delays or cantankerous contractors, or if you make a mistake with your measurements, you might spend more than your initial budgeted amount to have the work redone.

Join me in welcoming 2017! I know it’s the perfect time to take stock of all your (design!) goals and aspirations to live your best life yet.

For guidance on your new home or office design, contact us for an on-site consultation or call (214) 326-1160.

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