Our personal style is often the first thing people notice about us. From our clothing to our accessories, hairstyles and makeup, we project an image simply by preparing ourselves to walk out the door in the morning. But how does your personal style translate into your home’s interior design style? The two often go hand-in-hand, with black-and-white style setters often opting for minimalist decor, or free-spirited fashionistas filling their homes with color and global glam.

Let’s take a look at how your personal fashion style plays into your home décor.

Is your fashion style romantic and feminine?

If your wardrobe is all about a light and airy color palette of pinks, creams, pale blues and soothing greens, try incorporating a pastel color scheme into your home décor. For a soft look that’s still stylish, play with color combinations of warm neutrals and muted pastels, like the ever-popular “Millennial” pink (a soft blushy color with grey undertones) or a powder blue. Love florals? Incorporate subtle, romantic patterns on pillows, draperies wallpaper and bedding.

Is your fashion style minimalist?

If your closet is a minimalist dream of black, white and gray, you’ll want to keep your home neutral and uncluttered as well. Neutral tones and sleek shapes create a chic and stylish space, perfect for a minimalist. Always timeless, black and white is a can’t-miss color combination in fashion and decor. Couple this with rich tans or caramel colors to warm it up if desired. Want to add a hint of print or pop? Stick to one focal point, like a single piece of art, throw pillow or rug. Amidst the rest of the neutral décor, your “pop” will instantly take on the spotlight.

Is your fashion style classic?

Adore the classic elegance of Audrey Hepburn? Have a closet full of timeless pumps, sheath dresses and tailored separates? Those with classic style love a home that is as uncluttered as minimalist décor but with an injection of warmth and coziness. Neutral tones with the occasional splash of classic navy, rich green or true red define the color palette, while chic furnishings are topped with warm throws and soft pillows. Classic patterns of stripes, polka dots and color-blocking add a dash of fun to your space. A few, notable accessories that are recognizably classic (think Tiffany, Baccarat or Hermes) enhance this style and punctuate the room in an understated, yet sophisticated way.

Is your fashion style trendy?

From Pantone’s color of the year to the hottest fashion straight off the runway — if your style is guided by the latest trends, your home décor should follow suit. Since constantly moving with the trends can be a pricy endeavor, it’s best to invest in a few key timeless pieces that you love — regardless of the “trend of the month” — such as your large furniture pieces. Then, interject your favorite new trends into accessories, pillows, art and wall colors to rotate and move according to the fashion headlines.


Is your fashion style eclectic?

If you were a “Sex and the City” character, you would be Carrie. Your wardrobe is a fun, colorful and eclectic mix of patterns, textures and fabrics — and your home should be no exception. While some might see your space as cluttered, you love the layered look of your interior design just as much as layering jewelry on your favorite boho dress. And, each piece you curate usually has a story or background to add to it’s meaning in the room. For a bold look, combine a neutral color scheme with pops of vivid colors like teal, orange, yellow and amethyst. Or, simply play up your style with fun lamps, plenty of rugs, nesting tables, furry throws and eclectic artwork.

Our personal style is something we develop over the years — with plenty of trial and error. How fabulous is it that we usually find ourselves — and our style match — right around the time we start decorating our personal spaces?

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