Windows are often a notable feature of our rooms, especially the rooms we entertain in. They allow us to soften the architectural designs in our home, add a splash of color or texture to our décor, and enable privacy when necessary. They serve as a framed visual portal to the beautifully landscaped pool area and the trees in our backyard, inviting our living areas to continue to the outdoors.

Windows are all about beauty, right??? Well, with every silver lining, there is a cloud. In Texas, that cloud or should I say lack of cloud is our brutal sun and heat. What you elect to don your windows with makes all the difference in sustaining the aesthetics you have worked to achieve!Window Treatment – Shutter Blinds

While we enjoy the natural light that permeates our homes, our furniture and flooring don’t always share the same enthusiasm. In fact, most untreated windows will ruin your interior flooring and fabrics within a year of direct sun. Whether or not you are beginning to notice fading on your furniture and/or flooring, you will want to consider protecting your investment. Depending on your goals, there are many options. Popular choices include black-out lining on curtains, light filtering shades, a variety of shutters and more! A consultation with a professional interior designer gives you options to maximize the aesthetics and purposes for each of your rooms. Designers know how to provide balanced recommendations to achieve the most effective results: providing beautiful and functional window treatments.

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