Let’s face it; currently, most of us lead hectic lives. By now, we’re familiar with the extensive research on how stress impacts your moods, emotions, behaviors, and health.

With all of the negative side effects of trying to achieve the work-life balance, it’s no wonder we seek a sanctuary — a soothing environment where we can relax and decompress. Whether it’s your home or office that provides a potential calming environment, a designer can work together with you to create peaceful surroundings with tonal palettes and soft design elements that will force the fast-paced world into the background.


Using Color and Pattern to Create a Haven

With the manic pace of contemporary culture, individuals seeking calm are gravitating toward neutral hues and moving away from bright colors and bold patterns. There can be a striking statement made through a minimalistic design and enhancement to bare space.

A tonal palette allows you to use your favorite hues without the glaring defiance of contrasting colors. Rather, your color tones will peacefully flow from one shade to another. Have you ever wondered about the extent to which colors can influence mood and behavior?

Blue tones are highlighted for their calming effect, along with other cool tones found in nature such as green and gray. Soft pinks, blues, and other pastels are ideal for bedrooms as they affect sleep, relaxation, and memory. Warmer tones like reds, fuchsias, and oranges are found to be more stimulating and are better put to use in the dining room to increase appetite or the home gym to motivate physical activity. Interestingly enough, the color white provokes a healing response in the body.

Additionally, soothing shades can be incorporated into linens, walls and lighting. I suggest avoiding busy patterns on draperies, artwork or wallpaper contributes to a serene environment and be sure to choose artwork that inspires you to feel calm and happy. Minimalist representations of nature are always a good choice, as are landscapes, seascapes or framed black and white photography.

Incorporate Nature into your Decor

Because so many elements of nature induce happiness and well-being, it’s no wonder that outdoor spaces are becoming more essential to the overall design of living spaces! Large outdoor living areas, complete with furniture, floor coverings, fireplaces, and dining areas are more popular now than ever. As a finishing touch to the design, water features such as water gardens, waterfalls, and natural swimming ponds offer an incredible restorative value.

In an urban setting, incorporating nature can be trickier, however; a few simple design elements can easily bring nature into an office or apartment. Living plants bring energy to a space, as does running water from an indoor or tabletop fountain. Other popular design elements include sleek, bare branches displayed in a vase and furniture crafted from wood or metal.

Designing with our Senses

Remember, there is more to your environment than meets the eye. Although most consider the visual element the obvious starting point, sound, touch and aromatic influences are all important factors that can enhance your mood and overall experience.

Fabric and its textural components used in upholstery, bedding, or window dressings follow the same principles of color. To keep your desired aesthetic, utilize the materials that feel the best to you. Soft velvets and smooth satins are preferable to some, while cooler, crisp cotton textures feel better to others.

Peaceful sounds could include hearing birds chirping, a wind chime or a running stream outside the window. Or soft, relaxing music helps to create a relaxing atmosphere. A fragrance diffuser with eucalyptus, citrus, mint, or another favorite oil for an uplifting olfactory experience.

So, as you can see there is a myriad of ways to relax, de-stress and enjoy your space simply by using the right design elements.

If you need help in designing the perfect peaceful setting, Nicole Arnold Interiors is here for you. We would be more than happy to guide you to achieving your perfect haven!  Just call us at 214-326-1160 or fill in our consultation form on this website.

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