This sleek and modern commercial workplace is the new home to ADI Global’s regional sales office in Irving, TX

What makes an employee want to come to work….? A fabulous space to spend 1/3 (or more, if we’re really honest) of their day, of course! When an employee feels energized by their surroundings, they will typically work harder, share good spirits with co-workers and be more creative. They’ll also be a great advocate for recruiting new hires!

We had a ball designing this bright and inspiring modern space for ADI Global’s regional headquarters in Irving, TX!!

“Light and Bright” is the Name of the Game

This office is flooded with natural light, complemented by specialized LED lighting. No headaches from fluorescent lights happening here…☠️. Glass walls in each office afford all offices and workspaces the perimeter windows’ exterior views so no one feels like they’re in a cave.

Pop of Color

Enter the dramatic lobby and enjoy the bold bright colors juxtaposed against the black wallpaper. Conversely, in the main spaces, white walls create the backdrop to all of the interior finishes and furnishings, giving a fresh foundation for each of the elements to shine. Our curated artwork’s bright jewel tones and abstract nature make these white walls anything but boring. Designed to inspire and energize, these pops are the perfect punctuation to finish off our project!

Natural Inspired Elements

Never underestimate the power of nature… Light wood finishes on the desking and accent furniture bring an organic feel to the office, while realistic permanent florals and plants soften this streamlined space, making it warm and inviting. Live plants improve air quality as well as visually enhance areas. All plants, whether natural or artificial psychologically enhance peoples’ moods, so get out your green (or pretend green) thumb and add some foliage to your work space!

Office plant hack: if you don’t have a green thumb or don’t have time to maintain live plants, there are plenty of services who will not only provide your plants, but maintain them for you all year long. What a treat!

Keeping it Green?

Not only do we do green in plants, but also in the environment. Knowing this office has a large population who finds value in eco-friendly designs, we chose some super cool lights to give lunch breaks great conversation pieces. Take a look at our lighting that is made from corrugated cardboard (100% recycled). Who knew a cardboard box could be transformed into something so cool?!

ADI Breakroom Kitchen

Ample Space to do Their Thing

Employees love a space that not only looks great, but functions according to the needs of their roles. In this project, we offered those in open workstations a visiting bench to have informal meetings, executives enjoy large, glass wall offices, folks who need a more private conversation can choose from several huddle spaces or phone rooms and when it’s time to take a break, a dream space, complete with comfortable counter and table height seating and many culinary amenities is available. Each area is consistently appointed with complementary furnishings and finishes to keep the look and feel of the entire office cohesive.

Keep employees inspired and productive by hiring a professional designer to capture the look and feel your company’s office space desires!

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