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While we all know the color black is loved by the fashion community (the “little black dress” is, after all, the most popular dress around), it has often been averted as a significant interior home color. Often thought of as being too dark, too harsh or just plain basic, black’s potential is masked by its stereotypes.

However, today’s homes are seeing a rise in popularity of the dramatic color, using it as an allover wall color, furniture finishes, window treatments, rugs and bold accessory options. I’ve always believed that every room needs a little black in some way or another!

Here are seven ways to add black to your home — and achieve a design that’s anything but basic.

1. Go Luxe: Combine black with ornate floral prints, metallic finishes and luxe textures to achieve an allover chic look. Have a small space, like a powder room, that needs attention? Try high-gloss black walls, gold fixtures and white accents to bump up the luxe appeal.

2. Set the Scene: Black walls are the perfect choice to set off both bold and understated artwork, neutral furnishings and black-and-white accessories, like printed rugs, throws and pillows. Pair with fun geometric prints, intricate florals, classic stripes and even plaid for maximum impact.

3. Balance It Out: Does your home have an overly bright room with an abundance of light? Paint a black wall as a focal point to add a touch of sophistication — without fear of making the space too dark.

4. Try A Blackboard: Blackboards aren’t just for classrooms anymore. With the emergence of chalkboard art, wall to-do lists and other fun ways to turn spaces like mudrooms and kitchens into hubs for organic art, black walls are the perfect palette.

5. Get Romantic: Bedrooms are the perfect spaces to create a sexy mood, so why not achieve that oh-so-glam appeal with black walls, a black ceiling or a black wall focal point? For a chic and unexpected design element, create a black wall “headboard” to frame your bed. A white comforter, cozy fur throw and gilded tables set the perfect scene for romance and mystery.

6. Cook Up A Dark Space: High-gloss black kitchen cabinets are a scene-stealer in any kitchen. Just remember to accessorize the look with a solid color wall, like white or gray, and metallic or white accents to pop the black cabinets. Another great color to bring out black’s richness? Try dark teal or rich orange accessories —think backsplash, rugs or artwork — for colorful take on this dark trend.

7. 50 Shades of Black: Enjoy this fabulous hue in all of it’s many shades. Deep charcoals in lustrous, velvety textures, allows black to be softened to have a less edgy appearance. Conversely, a lacquered, caviar black finish screams art deco or glam. Depending on what you want the design to communicate, I guarantee there’s a “right” black for your room!

8. Opt for Navy: Although black is a rich, bold and beautiful color choice, if you’re not quite ready to make the move to the dark side, dip your toe in the trend with navy. Still a chic choice, navy’s dark blue hue adds a touch of warmth and achieves many of the same design tricks and treats of its darker cousin. Or, try the color combination of black and navy. Although once thought of as taboo, the tones work spectacularly well together both in fashion and interior design. Navy walls with black accent pieces? A black focal point wall with a navy ceiling? There are myriad ways to try this cool color combo.

No matter how you add black into your home’s interior design, make sure you’re creating a space that speaks to your personal style — from goth to glam, and everything in between.

Of course, if you run into trouble and need advice, Nicole Arnold Interiors is here to help you. We have experience with all sorts of color schemes and room decors, including black. Give us a call at 214.326.1160.

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