While your overnight guests won’t expect five-star hotel amenities and design from your guest bedroom, there’s no reason you can’t give them a cozy, chic and welcoming home away from home. But there’s more to creating the perfect guest suite than a comfy bed and a luggage rack.

Let’s take a look at some easy, noteworthy ways to make your guest room a haven for guests.

1. Get Organized: Place a tray next to the bed for your guest’s jewelry or loose change to keep their belongings organized and easily accessible. Then, use a basket or canvas bin to stash guest towels, a robe and extra blankets. But remember to place it visibly in the room so guests have everything they need in clear view. Also, include a small steamer rather than a clunky ironing board for clothing touch-ups.

2. Hook Them Up: Sometimes guests want to unplug and other times they want to plug in; either way, adding a television, iPad, ear buds or books to their room ensures they have plenty to do if they’re an early riser or night owl. Complicated TV? Print up a cute “how to” guide on a postcard, and place it under the remote. Having a universal charger plugged in next to the bed also adds convenience if your guests forget theirs or lose it during travel.

3. Keep It Cozy: You can never have too many pillows — especially when you’re creating a room meant to make your visitors feel at-home. Stock the bed with plenty of pillows of different shapes, sizes and density to ensure they have a sound sleep. A stylish throw adds an extra dose of posh and comfort. Finally, create an environment that promotes a great night’s sleep with high-thread-count, 100 percent cotton sheets and a fluffy duvet.

4. Make It Fresh: Fresh flowers are a must for weary travelers but creating an arrangement doesn’t have to be a chore. Roses are a natural choice because they’re available year-round, and their pleasant scent will add to the room’s comfort. Simply place a few stems in a luxe vase for instant polish and aroma. Spray sheets with a fresh fragrance to enhance their aromatic experience.

5. Stock Your Nightstand: Stock bedside tables with fun magazines or books that are a quick read. A decorative tissue box will keep the chic design of your room while providing the convenience of those ever-needed tissues. Finish with a candle, bottle of water and eye mask, for good measure. And don’t forget about the top drawer — a notepad and pen are always key.

6. Focus on Convenience: Hang a cute wall mirror in the guest room to provide a spot for touching up makeup or putting on jewelry. Or, if space allows, opt for a long dressing mirror. As a personalized touch, place a tray with mugs, a Keurig and small pods of coffee and tea atop the dresser. And leaving space in your dressers and closet (complete with spare hangers) for their clothing and travel essentials encourages them to get comfortable and organized.

7. Re-Think Your Lighting: A bedside lamp allows night owls to enjoy a good book or catch up on email without disturbing the rest of the house. As for morning light, add blinds or draperies to any windows that aren’t covered. A guest in your home is on vacation and will appreciate a dark room for sleeping in. Want to go the extra mile? Consider purchasing blackout drapes, which will perfectly block out the bright morning sunlight.

We all want our guests to feel comfortable when they’re staying with us, so why not follow these seven easy tips for creating a cozy and functional guest space?

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